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Class Gift


For the latest information on how our 55th reunion class gift is being used, please click on Our Class Gift 


Bravas and Bravos to over 70 classmates who generously donated over $6,500 to our 55th class gift and many, many thanks to our artists who donated their works for a drawing at our banquet.  To see our list of contributors, click on Our Generous Class Gift Donors.

When Carl Goodwin responded to the 55th reunion announcement, he wrote to say "I am willing to donate a painting to a class that means a lot to me.  I left Lynn when I turned 18 and jointed the Air Force.  I think that in the four years I was on active duty, I came home to Lynn about 4 or 5 times.  Consequently, I have not keep up with fellow classmates except for Clayton Curtis, Karl Mascot, and Joan (Hanscom) Durkee.  Donating a picture to our class will bring me a great deal of personal satisfaction."

Clayton Curtis and Dottie (Hansen) Doucette were quick to respond when they heard of Carl's offer and submitted donations to the banquet drawing as well.


Abandoned Gold Mining Town by Carl Goodwin


Special Bouquet by Dottie (Hansen) Doucette


House of the Seven Gables by Clayton Curtis


Congratulations to our 55th reunion prize winners:  Alice O'Brien (Carl Goodwin's watercolor), June (Scotty) DeRoin (Dottie (Hansen) Doucette's oil painting) and Lena (Ahern) Phillips (Clayton Curtis' woodcut print).


Class Gift Process:  At our June, 2007 committee meeting, Delly (Levesque) Starratt spoke of the successes various English High activities had achieved despite numerous budget cutbacks in recent years.  These programs included the art classes, marching band, jazz band and string ensemble, the school chorus and its concert choir, the Junior ROTC color guard and its drill team, and the drama club.  Her suggestion that the 55th class gift be directed toward these programs was warmly received and approved.

Interested classmates were able to make a general donation to all programs or contribute to one of more of the following five specific groups:  Arts Department, Instrumental Music, School Choirs, Junior ROTC and Drama Club.  Delly also obtained a wish list from the program instructors.
Prize Details:  After several visits to the gold rush town of Warren, Idaho and  extended research on its history, Carl Goodwin completed a landscape watercolor of several of the town's original buildings.  Carl also mounted the painting, covered it with an acrylic sheet to protect it and placed it in a metal frame suitable for display.  The overall dimensions of the framed watercolor are 24" by 33".  The studio value for Carl's paintings of this size is $450.  To see and read about the history of Warren, click on this web site:  Warren, Idaho Walking Tour

Because a number of people had expressed an interest in his House of Seven Gables woodcut on our Classy Art page, Clayton Curtis provided a signed and numbered print for his prize donation.  The actual print is 10" by 9".  It has been mounted and framed and its final size is 16" by 15".  The woodcut is a limited edition of 20 prints and its studio value for prints this size is $110.

Dottie (Hansen) Doucette donated an oil painting which can be seen above.  It is titled "Special Bouquet", measures 12" by 15" mounted and has a studio value of $325.  Dottie is well-known local artist who has won numerous awards from north shore art associations.  You can see and learn more about her at her art web site:  Dottie's Art Gallery.

Please see our Classy Art page for more examples of Carl's watercolors, Dottie's oils and pictures of Clayton's work in various media.  You can read Carl's reason for donating on our Comments, Etc. page.


Our Generous Class Gift Donors


James Abare
Elaine (Adrien) Foglietta
Lena (Ahern) Phillips
Jeanne (Anderson) Derrah
Janet (Armstrong) Ralph
Jacqueline (Baklini) Casey
Muriel (Baltimore) Rudzinsky
Paul Belliveau
Patrick Brady
Dwight Brothers
Arlene Wallace
Lawrence Buchanan
Arthur Caldwell
Shirley (Carpenter) Isenhart
Shirley (Collins) Starion
Gerald Colpits
Mary (Cook) Pigott
Joan (Cornwell) Brooks
William Croteau
Edward Cummiskey
Clayton Curtis
Patricia (Donnelly) Fabucci
Charles Donnelly
Rickard Donovan
Nancy (Douglas) Cox
Paul English
Lenard Fishman
Emmanuel Frangos
Richard Gannon
Gary Getchell
Carl Goodwin
Joan (Hanscom) Durkee
Dorothy (Hansen) Doucette
Donald Hudson
Gerald Ishkanian
Edithann (Kelley) Sutton
Barbara (Killam) DeFlumeri
James Leonard
Delores (Levesque) Starratt
Jacob Liberles
Louis Mangifesti
Karl Mascott
Elaine (McGrath) Brothers
Joan (McSweeney) DeMarco
Carole (Murphy) Lueders
Ronald Natalie
Ronald Newburg
Alice O'Brien
William O'Day
Francis Page
Joanne (Pettigrew) Anderson
Carol (Pitcher) Faill
Walter Pohle
May Porter
Arthur Prentiss
Eileen (Reed) Morris
Arnold Salvucci
Raymond Saulnier
June (Scotty) DeRoin
Geraldine (Sherber) Lockard
Clayton Simons
Herbert Slate
Huntley Smith
Nancy (Stickel) Kramer
Mary (Sullivan) Bolduc
Vincent Sweetland
Janet (Thompson) Van Amburg
Ann (Thorner) Holmes
Vivian (Varney) Guyler
Eleanor (Vegnani) Cornell
Margaret (Ventura) De Les Dernier
Joseph Wescott
Joanne (White) Gaudet
Janice (Wyman) Hall


Our Class Gift:  Like a game of musical chairs, gaining seniority in the Lynn School System today reminds me of friends and classmates trying to get a toehold at the General Electric after we graduated.  Of the original four fine arts teachers who created our class gift wish list:  Martha Brown, Steve Coffill, Lianne Goodwin and Larry Lowe, both Steve and Lianne were bumped from their position at the start of the 2008-09 school year.  When I met their replacements, Mike Cordone and Linda Marchi at the end of the school year, both had received termination notices.  Mike had already been knocked off the seniority lists while Linda was waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Class Gift Expenditures:  During the 2009 school year all five recipients completed spending their funds:

Martha Brown must come from a long line of bargain hunters.  She negotiated longer than the other teachers but was able to get a top-line powered pottery wheel with enough left over for the optional seat and a goodly supply of pressboard bats.

Sgt. Major Ken Oswald:  With a major assist from Jack Abare, the Marine Corps JROTC used our funds to help them participate in this year's National High School Drill Team Championship.  While they were unable to match their 2006 gold medal performance, they had a number of impressive place performances including individual ones by Michelle Sanethong and David Santos, both of whom finished sixth in the unarmed individual drill section; Michelle against 572 competitors and Dave against 450.

In an email to our website Sgt. Oswald wrote:  "Hello to the Class of 1953:  On behalf of the cadets of the LEHS MCJROTC, we want to send a BIG "THANK YOU" for the kind donation that the class of 1953 made to our program.  A special "thank you" to Jack Abare for his very kind donation.  We can tell you that the donations will go towards a trip to the 2009 National Drill Team Championship in May, 2009 at Daytona Beach.  Hopefully, we will bring home the gold.  "THANK YOU" again.  If there is anything that we can do for your class, please contact us immediately."  Very Respectfully, Sgt. Major Ken Oswald.

Michael Cardone:  The major portion of Mike's gift went to pay for curriculum guides, instruction books and much-needed sheet music, an expensive proposition for schools because of royalty fees.  The remainder was used to repair equipment and to replace the low-quality head phones that came with the original classroom keyboards but could no longer be repaired.

Larry Lowe:  Larry's wish was for a Cutawl Cutting Machine and using the Ebay approach, he was able to buy two Cutalwls in excellent condition along with a lot of helpful guidance on the use of the equipment from the previous owners.  After seeing Larry put the Cutawl through its paces, I'd have to describe it as the drama coach's answer to a powered Swiss Army knife.

Linda Marchi:  The Little Theater has gotten an attractive facelift (and of course, looks smaller now).  To this domain, Linda brings an impressive vocal performance resume including work on Broadway and with Boston jazz and choral groups.  She was able to combine our gift with another grant to obtain a professional-level set of equipment that can be used for instruction and on the concert stage.  The equipment includes a top-line keyboard synthesizer, recording and playback equipment, mixing board, speakers and a wireless mike (which must have come in handy when the regular chorus, the gospel choir and the concert choir got together in the auditorium to practice for this year's combined Christmas concert).

I was able to spend extra time with Linda and got to see a good portion of the Christmas concert video which left me filled with envy when compared to our traditional programs with Ruth Curtis and Cliff Weber.  While the concert had the familiar carols, it also included some winter-themed classical music, two solos right out of American Idol and a jazz version of the Hallelujah Chorus that brought the house down.


Art teacher Martha Brown discusses summer plans with students prior to the last bell of the 2008-09 school year.


Part of Larry Lowe's job description includes being responsible for all outside functions at our school's auditorium.  Here he's helping set the stage for Pickering's graduation ceremony...hope his health plan is paid up.


Backstage crew members take a break from the end-of-year pizza and cleanup party to see if they can fix their grades in the school's computer files.


Mike Cardone gives Mark Sesanga some after-school practice time on keyboard techniques.


One change at the new Manning Field; everybody gets to sit in the sun.  (Picture courtesy of the Lynn Schools web site, Fine Arts section)


Linda Marchi (purple blouse) and her students host professional singers from Boston's famous Handel and Haydn Society who were later surprised and pleased when the students joined them in their jazz rendition of the Hallelujah Chorus.


Choral members ham it up prior to going on stage for the Christmas concert.


A good look at the refurbished Little Theater.  The stage is set for one of Linda's after-school "coffee house" performances where local residents and other visitors can enjoy light refreshments and vocal and instrumental performances by students.

(All vocal music pictures courtesy of Linda Marchi)


Linda Marchi demonstrates one of the guiding principles for teachers everywhere: "You don't have to be crazy to be one, but it helps."


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