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Classy Art


Please note that our section on Classy Writing now has its own separate webpage.  You can click here to jump to that page.


Our Art page is available for classmates and their relatives who would like to display samples of their skills at our site.  Pictures can be emailed to the address listed below.

The artists appearing on our site have given the Class of 1953 Reunion Committee written permission to reproduce their work.  These graphics are copyrighted and may not be reproduced without the artists' express written consent.  If you would like to contact one of the artists, write to us at 



Our classy artists:  Clayton Curtis, Dorothy (Hansen) Doucette and Carl Goodwin


Jump to the Curtis Gallery or the Doucette Gallery


The Carl Goodwin Gallery starts here:

Our yearbook staff predicted the Air Force and an engineering career for Carl and they got the first part right.  Carl obtained a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in art education and had "a great teaching career that lasted for 38 years."


Abandoned Gold Rush Town by Carl Goodwin


This prize painting for our 55th banquet is 32" by 24".  Below is the 17" by 11" preliminary sketch that Carl did prior to completing the full watercolor.  The additional colors were added later when Carl, knowing of the site manager's interest in Motif #1 below, gifted the sketch to him for his efforts in handling the prize drawing and the web site.  Talk about being in the right place at the right time.


Preliminary Sketch:  Warren, Idaho Gold Rush Town



  Motif #1  by Carl Goodwin


Backcountry Gas by Carl Goodwin



Abandoned by Carl Goodwin


On the left is Abstract Flowers, a 20" x 60" acrylic on canvas.  On the right the trees are titled The Magnificent Seven (seven Aspen trees).  This was an "experimental piece that was done in Acrylic without the use of a single paint brush.  The paint was applied to a Clay Board (hardboard with a coating of Kaolin clay) with a combination of Make-Up sponges, "Q-Tips", index cards and a very small fine felt tip marker."

Carl reported that "It was great fun to experiment and have the piece turn out well."  He also indicated that his finger rehab program is coming along fine.


Lighthouse by Carl Goodwin


Dead Tree by Carl Goodwin


Dorothy (Hansen) Doucette Gallery

Dorothy (Hansen) Doucette knows so many in our class that she adopted us as her favorite LEHS reunion class.  She has been a long-time supporter of our reunion efforts and joined Carl Goodwin and Clayton Curtis in offering one of her paintings for our prize drawing.

Dorothy's art career did not start until her 40's but she certainly has made up for lost time as you will see below.  Dottie says she does stop once in a while to say hello to her husband and kids so they won't forget who she is.  You can contact Dottie at or  write to Rick Donovan at for her phone number. 


Pumpkins and Cat by Dorothy (Hansen) Doucette


Essex by Dorothy (Hansen) Doucette


Shelty by Dorothy (Hansen) Doucette


Russian Farm House by Dorothy (Hansen) Doucette


Clayton Curtis Gallery

During his high school years, Clayton was in the Civil Air Patrol and probably the only student in our class with a student-pilot's license.  He earned his degrees in the arts, retired from a career in education and is pursuing his art in the mediums of woodcut prints, oil and pastels with an occasional side trip into photography. 

His recent summer show included a display of his latest woodcuts of Greater Boston scenes at the Atrium Gallery in the Moakley Federal Building in Boston.  During the month of December, 2011, Clayton's work was at the Virginia Carton Gallery in the Abbot Public Library in Marblehead and also one of the features of the  Marblehead Annual Christmas Walk.


Still Life With Crab by Clayton Curtis


Still Life With Crab And Bread by Clayton Curtis


Train Station and Morning Commute by Clayton Curtis


The three pictures below are from Clayton's 2011 summer show at the Atrium Gallery in the Moakley Federal building in Boston.

                                   Subway                                                    Commuter Student

North Station No. 2


House of the Seven Gables by Clayton Curtis


View of High Rock Tower from Swampscott

                          Marblehead Harbor                                            French Vase



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