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 Update December, 2013


Lynn English Wins 100th Meeting with Classical  (13-12)


Boston Globe reporter Chris Gasper described the game as an "instant classic...with English trailing, 12-6, and facing fourth and 19 from the Classical 28, [Lucas] Harris rolled right and heaved a pass into the end zone.  [Chris] Lessard leaped between Classical  defenders and landed with a piece of Lynn sports lore with 42.9 seconds left."  In the above picture, Chris Lessard also kicked the game-winning extra point.

The rivalry was the featured story in both the Sports and the Globe North sections of the Globe's November 29th edition.  The Thanksgiving game has come a long way from our day of East Lynn versus West Lynn.  Globe correspondent Maureen Mullen reported the game "has dramatically changed since Agganis was the showcase.  In the last 20 years, the number of Latinos in Lynn has more than tripled, now nearly one third of the city's population.  There are 32 languages in Classical's student body while English has 26.

"'When I was a student, probably about 90-plus percent was white.  Our current demographics are 24 percent white students and the remaining 76 percent are minority populations" said Tom Strangie, the English principal, who graduated in 1982.  "The kids are great.  They're fantastic to work with.  It's a great school, with a superb faculty that works very hard.  Everybody does what they need to do to succeed.  I wouldn't want to work anywhere else."

The territorial dynamics changed in the 1990s when the School Committee dropped the Washington Street dividing line and allowed students to attend the high school of their choice.  As English Athletic Director Gary Molea reported:  "We have kids from West Lynn on our team, and they have kids from East Lynn on their team.  One year we had brothers on Thanksgiving Day, kids who lived in the same house playing on different sides, so it's definitely evolved.

"It's just a whole different day, I think the kids respond differently on Thanksgiving.  They're in front of the whole city.  They've got friends on the opposite side of the field.  So I think it brings out the best in our kids..."


Oldest Thanksgiving Day Rivalries


126th:  Malden 61 Wins - Medford 54 Wins  (10 Ties)
115th:  Beverly 56 Wins - Salem 51 Wins  (7 Ties)      
       109th:  Winchester 52 Wins - Woburn 41 Wins  (12 Ties)
             105th:  Marblehead 49 Wins - Swampscott 48 Wins  (7 Ties)
                    100th:  Lynn Classical 53 Wins - Lynn English 37 Wins  (9 Ties)


Where You There?


Every year around this time at least one local movie channel shows the documentary "Harvard Beats Yale 29 - 29".  English had the equivalent game in 1946 when English Beat Classical 23 - 23.  As noted in the Globe: "In an epic finish, Classical QB Harry Agganis fired a game-tying touchdown pass to Vic Pujo with just seconds left.  With the tie, the Rams remained unbeaten, and went on to win the national high school title on Christmas Day against Granby High quarterback Chuck Stobbs of Norfolk, VA."  Stobbs turned down numerous college scholarships for a $50,000 bonus to sign with the Red Sox at 18, the youngest player in the major leagues in 1947.

No slouch himself as a high school athlete, Stobbs was an all-state quarterback for three years leading his team to three consecutive VA state championships, an all-state basketball player for two years and made all-American one year in baseball.


It would be interesting to know how many of our classmates were at this game since it was a sold-out event with a lot of interest beyond our city.  Bill Croteau was my source for the Chuck Stobbs information and had a seat on the 40-yard line.  He guessed that Tootie Pettigrew might have been there as well since her brother was playing that day.

Our classmates that year would have been in and around the 5th grade.  I walked over to the the Bowl with a classmate from St. Joseph's Parochial School and we got to see the last scoring drive coming at us from behind the goal posts.  I remember being in awe of the size of the players and startled that the Classical center had only one arm.

Jim Leonard wrote to say "That picture of the program cover from the 1946 English/Classical game hit me like hammer.  I was 12 years old and fascinated by the background.  Freezing cold, thousands of cheering spectators, bands blaring, cheer leaders (both male and female) encouraging the crowd and those massive players (few more than 160 lbs) created a backdrop that lingers with me to this day.

"Later, I became friends with many of the players and was always impressed with how clearly they remembered even the most trivial facts.  As a player and coach, I have since learned that the outcome of most events isn't as important as the bond the develops between the participants and coaches.  Forever, they are teammates and loyal friends to be cherished and honored. 

"Over the years, I have had hundreds of players and teammates remind me of incidents that they recall vividly while they were vague to me.  It never was the competition, and often the pain, that bridges time and draws old people together to recall an incident that occurred in the blink of an eye but is etched in the minds of those young folks on fields, courts and rinks that no longer exist but remain forever within their memories."

Janet (Armstrong) Ralph wrote to verify that Tootie was there with her.  Tootie's "Dad was an usher and we sat on the cement wall with our legs dangling down for a real exciting football game.  Probably was the beginning of our following sports even up to today!"  At another time Tootie's "Mom had a spaghetti feed for that football team out in the yard with all of us young ones as 'waitresses."

Dick Gannon and Bill Frisone accosted the website manager during the reunion and demanded equal website representation for the Cobbet grade 9 graduation picture.  Since neither classmate has been able to find a copy of the picture, you can help the website manager keep his body parts together if you are a Cobbet graduate and in possession of a class picture or know of a possible source for this picture.  Please email me at
60th Reunion Classmate Comments:  You can click here to jump to our 60th reunion comments section.
New Down Memory Lane Pictures:  During the reunion Joan (McRobbie) Cordero and Judy (Kjellgren) Murphy were kind enough to donate additions to our memory lane collection.  Sonny (Fran) Page created scanned digital copies for posting to our website.

You can see the pictures by clicking here.  If you can help with any of the missing names, please write to the website manager at 

60th Reunion Banquet and Post Office Wanted pictures are available on the 60th Reunion page if you have not seen them yet.  You can jump to the reunion page by clicking here and then jump to these sections.

Update November 27, 2013


Vincent Sweetland  1934 - 2013


Many thanks to Jim Leonard who let us know of Vinny's passing and to Art Nelson who enabled us to send out the details of the funeral arrangements before they were available on the Internet.  The Lynn Item obituary is available now by clicking here.

If the original obituary is no longer available, you may be able to find it in another newspaper using the Legacy.Com website.  For help using that site, click here.

One of the joys of our 60th reunion was the delight of classmates in seeing Vinny in the flesh despite a state of health similar to the Revere Beach roller coaster.

Shirley Carpenter had this great shot of Nancy and Vinny and Jim Leonard wrote to say:


"He was a man when we were boys.
A tough guy who was never a bully.
A gentleman while we were still immature. 
A humorist who brought a smile to any face. 
An intelligent guy who never tried to embarrass others with his wisdom. 
  Someone you wouldn't recognize without the perpetual smile that graced his face. 
A man who remembered the sweetness of life and put aside its difficult moments.
 A person who had a profound and lasting impact on me as a young man. 
A friend whom I will always miss."


Update November, 2013


Donald Hudson  1935 - 2013

Elaine (Scott) Bray  1935 - 2013

Philip Hargrove  1936 - 2013


The president of our Obituary Research Committee, Janet (Armstrong) Ralph, let me know about the passing of Donald Hudson; Jim Leonard about Elaine (Scott) Bray and Al Halfrey about Philip Hargrove.  Two obituary links are available:  click here for  Donald and here for Elaine.  Phil was a Houston, TX resident and a link is not yet available. 

If the original obituary is no longer available, you may be able to find it in another newspaper using the Legacy.Com website.  For help using that site, click here.


The Pumpkins Of Fall


Credits:  Left:  Painting by Dottie (Hansen) Doucette; Right:  Photo by Rick Donovan


Latest List Of Attendees For Our 60th Reunion

  Abare, Jack
(Ahern) Phillips, Lena and Frank
(Anderson) Derrah, Jeanne
(Armstrong) Ralph, Janet
(Baklini) Casey, Jackie
Belliveau, Paul and Beverly
Boland, Arthur and Jane
Brady, Patrick
Brothers, Dexter and Lorraine
Brothers, Dwight and Elaine
(Brunette) Wallace, Arlene and Edgar
Caldwell, Arthur and Nadine
(Carpenter) Isenhart, Shirley and
    Susi Paresi
Ciarletta, Michael
(Collins) Starion, Shirley
(Conway) Raney, Joan and Donald
Curtis, Clayton and Patricia
Cushing, William and Joyce
Donnelly, Charles
(Donnelly) Fabucci, Patricia and Vincent
Donovan, Rickard
English, Paul and Mary Jane
Forrest, Walter
Frisone, William
Gannon, Richard and Dianne
Getchell, Gary and Judy
(Hansen) Doucette, Dorothy
Hudson, Donald
(Hunt) Ruth, Sims
(Johnson) Wiggin, Gladyce
(Kennealley) Gardner, Carol
(Kjellgren) Murphy, Judith
(Kutchulis) Gianopulos, Angie
Leonard, James
(Levesque) Starratt, Delores and Jim
(McGrath) McNaughton, Stephanie
(McRobbie) Cordero, Joan
(McSweeney) DeMarco, Joan
(Mellyn) Mancinelli, Patricia
(Murphy) Decker, Doris
Natalie, Ronald and Betty
O'Brien, Alice
O'Day, William and Geraldine
Page, Francis and Sheila
Peterson, David
(Pettigrew) Anderson, Joanne and Robert
Pohle, Walter and Loretta
Poor, Robert and Joan Slavkin
Porter, May with friends Rose Woodrome
    and Frank Donohue
(Ready) Walsh, Helen
(Reed) Morris, Eileen
Rhodes, Robert
Salvucci, Arnold
(Scotty) DeRoin, June
Slate, Herbert and Sandy
Smith, Huntley and Dorothy Savio
Sweetland, Vincent and Nancy
Wescott, Joseph and Joan
Whitney, Robert and Sandra
Wood, James

The Leaves Of Autumn



Time To Start Raking At The Website Office



Our Thanks to Judy (Kjellgren) Murphy and Joan (McRobbie) Cordero for donating some "down memory lane" pictures to our website.  Fran (Sonny) Page was kind enough to scan the originals and forward them to our office.  A couple of samples are show below.  All of their pictures will be added once the posting of the 60th reunion pictures is completed.



Time Flies When You Are Having Fun





Gerry Elovitz, the owner of "America's Laziest and Messiest Department Store," has filed for bankruptcy and will close his remaining 10 outlets in December, 2013 and as the Boston Globe pointed out in an editorial tribute:  "the local retail market won't be nearly as much fun." 

Shown below is my one Building 19 story.  If you have one you would like to share, write to us at or at the office address at the top of this webpage

My Building 19 Bowling Shoes Story:  Without going into details, my feet are wide enough to allow me to water ski without skis.  When I was young, single, rich and doing a lot of ten pin bowling, I solved the shoe size problem by buying a custom-made pair of bowling shoes.  At that time they were only the second pair of shoes I had that fit properly (the first pair had come free with an all-expense paid vacation at Ft. Dix, NJ).

Later in life I discovered Hitchcock Shoes in Hingham, MA (  They specialize in wide shoes for men and recently added a line of wide shoes for women.  When I wanted to get back into bowling, I called them for a couple of pairs of bowling shoes but found they had discontinued the item and sold their remaining stock to Building 19.  Ran to the Building 19 store in Lynn to find their bowling shoes were sold out but they gave me the  company's home office phone number.

A very pleasant secretary connected me to Jerry Ellis, a company VP.  He sounded like a funny guy so I told him his secretary said I should do a lot of groveling and throw myself on or at his mercy.  He said he would see what he could do, gave me a price of $25 for the two pairs and said the Lynn store would call if he was successful.  About a month later, I was a happy customer.  Two hand-made pairs in those days would have been in the neighborhood of $400 to $500.  My original hand-made pair cost $25 in 1958 and the salesman came to the lanes to do the measurements.

I sent Mr. Ellis a letter thanking him profusely and saying that I never believed all those things his boss said about him.  A while later I got a reply from the owner and founder of the Building 19 chain of stores, Gerry Elovitz pictured above.  He said he was glad that things had worked out but he wasn't going to show my letter to Jerry Ellis because he didn't want the praise to go to his head.

In reading the rest of the newspaper article associated with this picture the other day, I learned that the original Building 19 store was started by an unemployed appliance salesman who went under the name of Jerry Ellis...aka Gerry Elovitz.



Hilltop Steak House has closed after 52 years in business.  You can click here for a link to a WCVB news site which has a video clip about the last night of business (scroll down a few lines and look for the link "Hilltop's Final Roundup" on the right side; click on this link; video will start after some ads).  The problem of customer theft was talked about in the news video but I learned later that the place closed earlier than expected when customers started trying to smuggle chairs out of the restaurant.

Miscellaneous memories:  Only my dentist's drill had a more penetrating sound than the voice reading out the customer numbers; only one mediocre meal in all my visits; only one grumpy waitress who later complimented my wife and I on the good behavior of our sons and apologized  for her earlier grumpiness:   back to back tables of very unruly children just before we arrived; playing two on two hockey with our kids at the far end of the waiting area; only one disaster, taking the family and my mother-in-law to the restaurant on the worst day possible...Mothers' Day; only person I know who never had a Hilltop steak, classmate Bill Croteau; only complaint I ever heard about the lobster pie, my wife said it had too much lobster; only meal Bill Croteau ever had at Hilltop...lobster pie.


60th Reunion Class Gift

Our 60th reunion class gift of $2,000 was made to the LEHS Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps in honor of classmate Jack Abare for his rock-solid 50 years of physical and financial support of our reunion committee starting with his co-chairmanship of our very first reunion held in May of 1963.

The LEHS JROTC students have done a remarkable job meeting the requirements of the program which includes "instilling in students the values of citizenship, service to the United States, personal responsibility and  a sense of accomplishment."

Jack did a remarkable job of ignoring the advice of his counselor to "quit LEHS and join the Navy."  You can find out what happened next by clicking here to see his mini-biography on our 50th Reunion Memory Booklet webpage.  Jack has also been a staunch supporter of the JROTC program since it's inception.

Pictured below are some of the students involved in this year's national high school cyber defense competition.  You can click on the link below the picture to see the full article in the Item.



Click here to read the full story on the CyberPatriot national competition in the Lynn Item.


Generous Class Gift Donors

  Jeanne (Anderson) Derrah
Jacqueline (Baklini) Casey
Paul Belliveau
Patrick Brady
Dexter Brothers
Dwight Brothers
Elaine (McGrath) Brothers
Arlene (Brunette) Wallace
Lawrence Buchanan
Arthur Caldwell
Shirley (Carpenter) Isenhart
Michael Ciarletta
Shirley (Collins) Starion
Joan (Cornwell) Brooks
William Cushing
Charles Donnelly
Patricia (Donnelly) Fabucci
Rickard Donovan
Lenard Fishman
Richard Gannon
Donald Hudson
James Leonard
Delores (Levesque) Starratt
Joan (McSweeney) DeMarco
Ronald Natalie
William O'Day
David Peterson
Walter Pohle
Robert Poor
Helen (Ready) Walsh
Robert Rhodes
June (Scotty) DeRoin
Herbert Slate
Vincent Sweetland
Joseph Wescott

Obituary Footnotes



God Speed to two Swampscott natives:  Elaine (Scott) Bray and Jane Inglis my 7th grade homeroom teacher.  Jane ended her working days as the Librarian at Lynn Tech; her office was right next to my computer center and always open to me as a place to hide, let off steam or just reminisce.

God Speed to Donald Hudson as well.  This is our last picture of Don taken by Jim Starratt at our 60th reunion.  It's possible that there is a picture of Don on our website where he isn't smiling but you might  have a tough time finding it. 


Update August, 2013


Robert Roland  1934 - 2013


My thanks to the ORC (Obituary Research Committee) including Janet (Armstrong) Ralph, Bill Croteau, Ed Cummiskey and Jim Leonard for letting us know of Bob's passing.  You can see his listing in the Lynn Item by clicking on obituary link.  If the original obituary is no longer available, you may be able to find it in another newspaper using the Legacy.Com website.  For help using that site, click here.
Special thanks to Jim Leonard for allowing us to use his thoughts on Bob from a recent email to our website:  "I knew Bob Roland as a teammate, friend, coach, official, and educator.  He was unquestionably one of the most outstanding high school hockey coaches in New England.  He traveled  a road that was sometimes very lonely, but never forgot his friends or how much he loved his children and those close to him.  In the past eight months, I saw a courageous and committed guy who fought a fight he knew he couldn't win, but never conceded.

In the end, I had the privilege of meeting his children and was overwhelmed by the depth of their love for Bobby.  He left this earth having made a profound impact on all of those he met.  They knew the richness of Bobby's love for them and realized that he was, indeed, human."

Click here to see our invitation and a reservation form for the 60th and click here to learn about Holiday Inn, Peabody reservations and see pictures of the changes that have taken place at Holiday since our 55th reunion.

Entertainment at our 60th reunion will feature Tony Pace.  Jack and Lona Abare's gala 56th anniversary party in 2012 was the site manager's first exposure to Tony Pace who headlined that night's entertainment.  He's difficult to describe without sounding like his press agent but you can judge for yourself at his website: You can also watch him on YouTube:
Walter Cuffe:  I found this picture while looking for something else and thought classmates who knew Walter and his sister Loretta might enjoy seeing it.  When I left English to start my data processing career with the Lynn School System, it was in the bowels of Classical High where Walter's classroom and my data center were sandwiched between the girls' and boys' lavatories. 

I was there because it had just enough space to make a room to hold my equipment.  Walter was there because the principal of the school was not a fan of  Walter's father's political views as a city counselor.



Gary Brookins - Pluggers Creator:  I wrote to Mr. Brookins asking for permission to use this piece and he  wrote back to say "You bet!  I'm flattered and of course you may use it.  Hope your reunion is a blast."  It won't be our last reunion but may be the last of our traditional reunions.

If you are not attending the reunion but would like to send personal greetings to one or more individual classmates, send us their names and your comments and we will include your "shout out" in our 60th Memory Booklet web page.

Write to us at 197 Loring Avenue, Salem, MA 01970 or email us at 

Candlepins For Cash:  After a few years at Classical, my data processing center was moved to the new Lynn Vocational/Technical Institute in 1972.  One of the benefits at the new school, other than the swimming pool, was a professional TV studio in which I was able to play with one of the first personal video recording setups.  Donated by G. E., it was on the bulky side with black and white output and a $50,000 price tag.

The studio had a 1" video tape system with which I recorded Bill Croteau's appearance on the show.  The clip also includes my brother-in-law's TV bowling debut along with the bowler who followed him and broke the jackpot.  Click on for a short trip down memory lanes.  Good in clutch situations, Bill was an excellent candlepin bowler.  His high game included 10 spares for a 179.


Congratulations to Jack and Lona Abare on the occasion of their 57th anniversary party on August 8, 2013.  A number of reunion committee members were on hand to help them celebrate.  Several fell victim to my camera's cranky flash but here are the survivors...


Jack and Lona


Jack with Tad Buczko, former state auditor, who gave the invocation


Delly Levesque, Joan McSweeney, Virginia DiVirgilio


Fran Page and his wife Sheila, Judy Kjellgren checking out an interesting conversation


Rose Woodrome, Eileen Reed and Alice O'Brien wishing I would go away so they could check out the the three single guys at the next table.


Joan McRobbie, Doris Murphy and June Scotty


Don Hudson and Frank Donohue


Shirley Collins and Rose Woodrome


Lorraine and Dexter come they look younger than their 50th reunion pictures?


A really fun show with a hypnotist; I think he was asking them if they would like to meet their favorite movie star.  Watching them look at video of themselves taken by friends later was another fun show as well.  You can click on for a partial video of the entertainment.


Reflection For The Day

"The greater part of our memory exists
outside us, in things through which we can
obtain the last vestige of the past, the best of it,
the part which, after all our tears seem to
have dried, can make us weep again."
Marcel Proust

Reproduced with the kind permission of
Tom Fitzpatrick at

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I like using the characters on the numbers row of the regular key board but you can also use the same characters on the numeric key pad.  This should work on most systems.

Our On-Line Yearbook is growing.  We've added 16 pages of pictures while the site manager looks for a better way to reproduce the pages that are text only.  This group includes all the baby pictures in our yearbook along with a link to their names.  You can click on Yearbook to see the new pages or use the link in the above left-hand column.
Class of 1954 Yearbook:  An anonymous donor from the class has contributed a complete computer readable copy of the '54 yearbook.  However, at the present time you must have Adobe Free Reader on your computer and be familiar with the Adobe Tool Bar.  You can check it out by clicking on Yearbook PDF File.

Dottie (Hansen) Doucette will be showing off her artistic skills at the Brooksby Farm Art Show in Peabody on Saturday, September 16, 2013.  Admission is free.  She will also be having  a private showing at her home in September.  You can write to us at for her address and phone number or you can write directly to Dottie at

Jim Wood has added two more poems to his collection on our website.  If you appreciate his work, you can tell him so in person as he will be at our 60th reunion.  Click here to see the new additions.


As a public service to classmates who have been forced to live in a place without candlepin lanes (anywhere outside the New England states) and have found it difficult to explain the sport to their tenpin bowling neighbors, I asked Janet (Rowen) LeBrasseur if I could take a few pictures at the Lynnway Sports Center which is owned by her children.  She invited me down to see her Tuesday morning ladies league which has been running continuously for over 40 years.

When tenpins first came to All Star Lanes on the Lynnway, there were numerous arguments about tenpins being an easier sport but the two sports have different goals.  You won't be a better candlepin bowler unless you are straight and accurate and you won't be a better tenpin bowler unless you learn how to throw a ball that curves into the head pin. 

Candlepins has an edge in that the balls are lighter and easier to throw.  Form is not as important as in tenpins and candlepin houses have taken a cue from tenpins and started installing bumpers for very young bowlers to keep the balls out of the channels (gutters to us old-timers and now that it costs more than the 15 cents a string I paid at Lucky Strike, it's lanes instead of alleys).


Ryan, shown above this picture, has pretty good form and those Xs represent a 10 pin count with 3 balls.  He also has the only spare so far.

Keeping an eye on the scores and their competitors.  Judging by the sound while I was there, they are a competitive bunch of bowlers.
Not unusual to see a candlepin bowler whose last step is the same side as her or his ball hand.  My nemesis growing up...knocking down single pins.  Thankfully, candlepin rules allow the use of downed pins in the playing area which sounds good but makes accuracy all the more important.
Regardless of your bowling sport (candles, ten pins, duck pins or rubber band ducks) everyone hates the 7 - 10 split.  Fortunately, when you've seen too many, there's always the nearby watering hole.
Janet and her late husband Ron Crowley:  Ron and Joe Cawlina pictured above were the top doubles team of their day.  If you knew or remember Joe Cawlina, he had a second bowling career in ten pins and you can read about it by clicking on Down Memory Lanes.

My thanks to Janet for letting me pester her over a couple of visits to her Tuesday league especially while I was doing it with my new digital camera in one hand and the instruction book in the other.  You can find out more about her family's business by clicking on

Reunion Committee Bequests:  While religious, educational and charitable organizations are encouraging you to consider bequeathing their institutions, the Reunion Committee has chosen a different approach.  Since the statute of privacy limitations will expire on your office record card in 2013, the Reunion Committee, for a modest bequest, will work diligently on your behalf to make sure that your high school grades never appear on the pages of this website.
Pioneer Village at Salem, MA:  The program described in our September, 2011 update between Salem and the Gordon College History program is no longer available.  For the current summer season, tours are available on Saturdays and Sundays at 12:30, 1:30 and 2:30.  Admission in $6.00 for adults and $4.00 for kids under 18.  The last weekend of the season will be October 25, 26 and 27.

For additional information contact Elizabeth Peterson, Witch House Director, at 310.5 Essex Street, Salem, MA 01970 or call 978-744-8815.


Update July 3, 2013


Edward Mears  1937 - 2013 


The website received a notice in late June from Ed's email address that he had passed away peacefully on June 17th.  Ed was a member of the U. S. Navy Band and a graduate of the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis.

He headed west after his service, established his own law office in Redwood City, CA and was the first person to tell me "If I'd known my grandchildren were going to be so much fun, I would have had them first."  He was also the youngest member of our class born on February 15, 1937 and when he celebrated his 75th birthday, our class officially became "older than dirt."

There is no public obituary information for Ed but there's no reason why we can't have our own guest book.  I remember being fascinated by his father's ham radio and I know my friends and I contributed significantly to his arsenal of swear words...something that I'm sure helped during his navy duty.  If you have a fun or fond memory to share, write to us at 

After this update was published on the web, an unknown person from his family or law firm was kind enough to send us a copy of his obituary notice.  It's pretty remarkable and I thought you might enjoy reading it.




New Yearbook Web Page:  For classmates whose yearbook is in Limbo or a landfill, the website is currently adding sections of it to our website.  The first section includes pages 47 to 78, our individual class pictures and mini-biographies.  Click on Yearbook to check it out.

Our 60th Reunion:  We're counting on good weather, good food, good facilities and great entertainment.  Now all we need are good friends. 

Don't are getting older by the minute.  



Update June, 2013

An invitation has been sent to your last known postal mail address in our database.  Invitations were not sent to classmates who verbally or by email declined to receive one. 

60th Memory Web Page:  Attending or not, we would love to hear from you.  Your comments will appear on our website along with pictures from the 60th reunion.  Comments can be included with the application form that you send to Delores or mailed to or sent to our office address at the top of this page.

Hotel reservations: Click on Reservations to see the Holiday Inn Peabody fact sheet and pictures of the changes at the Inn since our 55th reunion
Class Database Changes can be made at any time by writing to the website at  and addresses and phone numbers would be appreciated especially for future Florida summer reunions.


It's a pleasure to introduce Leon Blumberg, the author of "I Remember Lynn".  He is an LEHS '43 graduate and he and his classmates held their 70th reunion this spring at the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, MA.

It might be safe to say that if Guinness had a record category for high school poem most often changed and printed without crediting the author, Leon would be up there with the leaders.

While Leon wrote the poem as a tribute to the City of Lynn, I'm happy to say we now have an authorized copy of the poem on our website along with an approved minor change for our high school.  The poem is on our Classy Writing page but you can check it out now by clicking on I Remember Lynn.

Thinking of selling your pension for cash?  Read this article on the growing increase of scams in this financial field.  Click on and then click on the article "Seniors warned, think twice before selling pension."

Some more good stuff:  Fran (Sonny) Page donated the Washington, D. C. trip, the grade 9 Pickering class picture and the Pickering grade 7 homeroom picture; Jack Abare the grade 9 Eastern picture and Jack and Delly (Levesque) Starratt the reunion committee candids.

Left-click once on the group pictures to open; some computers may allow an additional left-click to enlarge the picture a second time.


Grade 9 Eastern Jr. High


Grade 9 Pickering Jr. High

Group Therapy:  Art Caldwell did the original numbered picture and identified many of his Pickering classmates.  Fran (Sonny) Page enhanced the picture and the numbers and he and members of the reunion committee filled in most of the missing names.

Two sets of numbered pictures are shown below; one with classmates listed by their numbers and a second with classmates listed alphabetically.  Corrections are appreciated and can be sent to 


Gr. 9 Pickering Jr. High By The Numbers


01  Rhodes, Robert
02  Croft, Ronald
03  Riley, V. David
04  Sharkey, Robert
05  Godreau, Albert
06  Adey, Warren
07  Durland, Richard
08  McCarthy, William
09  McWha, Charles
10  Wood, Philip ??
11  Hathaway, William
12  Sullivan, William
13  Nolan, Ronald
14  Tidmarsh, James
15  Fisher, Robert
16  Clark, Warren
17  Lape, Philip
18  Pinch, Robert
19  Porter, Robert
20  Leach, John
21  Hudson, Donald
22  Wykes, Owen
23  Caldwell, Arthur
24  Bradbury, Ted
25  Spurr, Alfred
26  Arey, Kenneth
27  Cripps, Richard
28  Hargrove, Philip
29  Gosse, David
30  Thorpe, Ralph
31  Newell, William
32  Doherty, R.Thomas
33  Fishman, Lenard
34  Knorr, Kenneth
35  Lux, Ralph
36  Grady, Raymond
37  Flynn, Richard
38  Mavor, Theodore
39  Lynch, Richard
40  Kjellgren, Judith
41  Donnelly, Patricia
42  Kelley, Edithann
43  Reed, Eileen
44  Anderson, Jeanne
45  Doughty, Arlene
46  Maloney, Claire
47  Covey, Louise
48  Small, Dwight
49  Buchannan, Larry
51  Natalie, Ronald
52  Spurr, Wilbur
53  Peterson Ronald
54  Ingalls, Darrell
55  Simons, Clayton
56  Page, Francis
57  Cleaves, E. Leona
58  Kanosky, Joan
59  Drake, Sandra
60  Pitcher, Carol
62  Hansen, Dorothy
63  Graves, Joan ??
64  Stickel, Nancy
65  Eames, Marilyn
66  Allen, Dawn
67  Archer, Joan
68  Kenneally, Carol
69  Porter, May
70  Kuchulis, Angela
71  Thompson, Janet
72  Miller, Judith
73  MacDavitt, June
74  O'Connor, Barbara
75  Fogarty, Rita
76  Hudson, Sally
77  Murphy, Carole
78  Robertson, Connie
79  McPhee, Nancy
80  McGuire, Elizabeth
81  Stead, Janice
82  Roy, Sandra
83  Hanley, Z. Dale
84  O'Brien, Alice
85  Murphy, Doris
86  McRobbie, Joan
87  LaCrosse, Sandra
88  Clegg, Marilyn
89  Wyman, Janice
90  Cole, Barbara
91  McKenna, Barbara
      Zipper, Mary
      Duffy, John
      McDonald, Richard
      Reid, William
      Robbins, Philip

Gr. 9 Pickering Jr. High By The Names

06  Adey, Warren
66  Allen, Dawn
44  Anderson, Jeanne
67  Archer, Joan
26  Arey, Kenneth
24  Bradbury, Ted
49  Buchanan, Larry
23  Caldwell, Arthur
16  Clark, Warren
57  Cleaves, E. Leona
88  Clegg, Marilyn
90  Cole, Barbara
47  Covey, Louise
27  Cripps, Richard
02  Croft, Ronald
32  Doherty, Thomas
41  Donnelly, Patricia
45  Doughty, Arlene
59  Drake, Sandra
__  Duffy, John
07  Durland, Richard
65  Eames, Marilyn
15  Fisher, Robert
33  Fishman, Lenard
37  Flynn, Richard
75  Fogarty, Rita
05  Godreau, Albert
29  Gosse, David
36  Grady, Raymond
63  Graves, Joan ??
83  Hanley, Z. Dale
62  Hansen, Dorothy
28  Hargrove, Philip
11  Hathaway, William
21  Hudson, Donald
76  Hudson, Sally
54  Ingalls, Darrell
58  Kanosky, Joan
42  Kelley, Edithann
68  Kenneally, Carol
40  Kjellgren, Judith
34  Knorr, Kenneth
70  Kuchulis, Angela
87  LaCrosse, Sandra
17  Lape, Philip
20  Leach, John
35  Lux, Ralph
39  Lynch, Richard
73  MacDavitt, June
46  Maloney, Claire
38  Mavor, Theodore
08  McCarthy, William
__  McDonald, Richard
80  McGuire, Elizabeth
91  McKenna, Barbara
79  McPhee, Nancy
86  McRobbie, Joan
09  McWha, Charles
72  Miller, Judith
77  Murphy, Carole
85  Murphy< Doris
51  Natalie, Ronald
31  Newell, William
13  Nolan, Ronald
84  O'Brien, Alice
74  O'Connor, Barbara
56  Page, Francis
53  Peterson, Ronald
18  Pinch, Robert
60  Pitcher, Carol
19  Porter, Robert
69  Porter, May
43  Reed, Eileen
__  Reid, William
01  Rhodes, Robert
03  Riley, V. David
__  Robbins, Philip
78  Robertson, Connie
82  Roy, Sandra
04  Sharkey, Robert
55  Simons, Clayton
48  Small, Dwight
25  Spurr, Alfred
52  Spurr, Wilbur
81  Stead, Janice
64  Stickel, Nancy
12  Sullivan, William
71  Thompson, Janet
30  Thorpe, Ralph
14  Tidmarsh, James
10  Wood, Philip ??
22  Wykes, Owen
89  Wyman, Janice
__  Zipper, Mary

Washington, D. C. Senior Trip


Pickering:  Miss Hamilton's 7th Grade Homeroom


This picture and the class of '54's equivalent are on our site thanks to Miss Hamilton who donated all her homeroom pictures and graduation programs to Fran Page.  Additional thanks to Miss Hamilton for a demonstration of a dying art...cursive writing.


Reunion Committee Candids


While searching for pictures for our website, Delly (Levesque) Starratt uncovered this remarkable photo.  A copy has been forwarded to a local psychic study group in Salem, MA and while the website waits to hear from them, the picture accumulated over 13,000 hits in its first week on Facebook.

To see some normal pictures of your reunion committee, click on Recent Additions.


Entertainment at our 60th reunion will feature Tony Pace.  Jack and Lona Abare's gala 56th anniversary party in 2012 was the site manager's first exposure to Tony Pace who headlined that night's entertainment.  He's difficult to describe without sounding like his press agent but you can judge for yourself at his website:

You can also watch him on YouTube:


The Boston Marathon  April 15, 2013

For Krystle Campbell, Lu Lingzi, Martin Richard
and all those harmed by this tragedy:

"When evil men plot, good men must plan.
When evil men burn and bomb, good men must build and bind.
When evil men shout ugly words of hatred, good men must commit themselves to the glories of love.
When evil men would seek to perpetuate an unjust status quo, good men must seek to bring into being a real order of justice."

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Tribute Credits:  Photo courtesy Hubble Telescope web site;
Dr. King's quotation excerpted from a letter to the Globe by Paul Thomas Sarno




Update April, 2013


Paul Carey  1934 - 2010

Rita (Clark) Muchmore  1935 - 2013

Gertrude (Guay) Maitland  1935 - 2010



Obituary Links

Paul Carey:
Rita (Clark) Muchmore:
Gertrude (Guay) Maitland:
Our thanks to Art Caldwell for finding Paul Carey and Gertrude Guay and to Janet (Armstrong) Ralph and Jim (Dutch) Leonard's help with Rita Clark.  If the original obituary is no longer available, you may be able to find it in another newspaper using the Legacy.Com website.  For help using that site, click here.

Our Faculty

(Left-click to enlarge)

My thanks to Art Caldwell who found Ruth Curtis on the CSI: Lynn website.  CSI: Lynn has a Facebook site with a large collection of historical pictures and the site was kind enough to give our class permission to reproduce their pictures.  An element is missing from Ruth's of many school rulers she used to keep time until they splintered to pieces on her music stand.  It was also an incentive for tenors and basses to get to practice early or be forced to sit directly in front of Ruth.

Thanks also to our site webmaster Sean Donovan whose degree in Pixelology enabled him to make a far better enlargement of our yearbook faculty picture than I could.

Fran (Sonny) Page provided the picture of Carl Palombo and obituary information on Carl and Maurice Twomey.  Mr. Twomey was my department head when I taught business subjects at LEHS for a couple of years before becoming the Data Center Manager for the school system.

He wasn't a very big guy and I was amazed to learn from his obituary that he was an outstanding athlete  at Lynn Classical in football and basketball.  He went on to captain the football and basketball teams at Salem State as well as catching for the baseball team.  He was a veteran of World War I; trained in the Tank Corps under Dwight Eisenhower and fought in France under General George Patton.

I knew Carl Palombo as a teacher, a principal and a deputy superintendent.  I enjoyed his History class (a year that included Don Robson jumping out of our 2nd story window).  While I knew he had captained the University of Pennsylvania's football team and had played professional football in Canada, it was from his obituary that I learned he was a scholar as well having received Phi Beta Kappa honors and a prestigious Rhodes scholarship to Oxford University.  He declined the Rhodes scholarship to pursue a degree in economics from the University of Pennsylvania and pursued graduate studies at Tufts, Boston University and Boston College.

One of the memories that stayed over the years was of supervising a wrestling match at the Lynn "Y" between Carl's son Andy and the son of one of his assistant football coaches.  Andy was doing a number on his opponent when I heard a laugh.  It was Carl watching from the doorway with the biggest smile I ever saw in all the years I knew him.


Virginia (Agnew) Doonan  1925 - 2013

No need to explain why business students hustled to class when we had Miss Agnew for Typing.  Virginia passed away April 12th and obituary information is available at Cuffee-McGinn's new website:  Our thanks to the ever-alert Janet (Armstrong) Ralph for the news.   

If the original obituary is no longer available, you may be able to find it in another newspaper using the Legacy.Com website.  For help using that site, click here.


Cooking With Class

Another find from Sonny Page's collection:  In 1977  Tony Mangifesti from our class finished second in the National Sandwich Idea Contest narrowly missing out on a first place prize that included a cash prize of $1,000 and a culinary tour for two anywhere in Europe.

After LEHS, Tony, who modestly asserted in our 25th reunion booklet that "...he is still considered the handsomest graduate of 1953...", earned a bachelor of science degree from Fitchburg State and worked in both commercial and educational institutions before becoming Coordinator of Food Services at the Greater Lowell Regional Vocational School.  He passed away at the much too young age of 49.

Funny To Us memory:  When the priest failed to show up on time for one of our Religious Education classes at Holy Family, Tony and John Naimo kept us entertained by slowly and solemnly breaking old 78 records over each other's head.    

Speaking of Food:  All the eating places from Art Caldwell's history CD have been added to our Lynn History webpage but a lot of the smaller places are missing.  If you can help from your memory drawer with a scanned picture of the inside or outside of these places, it would be great to see.  You can check out the history page now by clicking on Eating Places.  (We are sorry to report that Anthony's downtown restaurant is no longer in business but the Swampscott restaurant is still up and running.)

Another Massachusetts First:  Worcester was the snowiest city in country for this past winter...108.9"

How Social Security Affects Your State




Fun Facts from my favorite progressive magazine


Percentage of U.S. population that is foreign-born:  13; in 1913:  15 in 2013
Change in number of undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. since 2007:  -900,000
Amount the Obama Administration spent of immigration enforcement in 2012:  $18,000,000,000
Amount Justice Department spent on all law enforcement:  $12,400,000,000
Number of reports of record-high temperatures by U.S. cities in 2012:  362; of record lows:  0
Minimum number of people accidentally shot at gun shows on "Gun Appreciation Day" in 2012:  5
Rank of Canada among the largest producers of garbage per capita in the industrialized world:  1
Date on which Canada began withdrawing its penny from circulation:  February 4, 2013
Estimated amount the withdrawal will save the government annually:  $11,000,000
Estimated amount Sarah Palin was paid per word spoken on air in 2 years for Fox News:  $15.85
Chances that a U.S. worker doesn't get paid sick leave:  2 in 5
Percentage change since 1969 in the portion of U.S. schoolchildren who walk or bike to school:  -76
Percentage of U.S. women who believe they have a personal responsibility to help the worse off:  42  
Percentage of U.S. men:  27
Percentage change since 1992 in the portion of U.S. women who diet:  -32
Rank of chief executive officer among occupations most likely to attract psychopaths:  1


Old Magazine Ads Found by Art Caldwell







From Our In Box Contributors

Lee (Cliff) Ryan             

                                                                             Lee D'Agnese


                                                                                                   Lee D'Agnese






Never To Forget




Update February, 2013


Mary (Kilroy) Ferraro  1936 - 2011

Raymond Saulnier  1936 - 2013

William Serven  1933 - 2009

Nancy (Young) Varrington  1936 - 2012


"It was a spring that never came, but we have lived long enough to know
What we never had, remains.  It is the things we have that go."
From "Wisdom" by Sara Teasdale

Thanks to Fran Page for letting the website know of Bill Serven's passing in 2009, Art Caldwell for emailing us about Ray Saulnier, June (Scotty) DeRoin for contacting us about Mary (Kilroy) Ferraro and several classmates including Elaine (McGrath) Brothers, Jim Leonard, Ed Cummiskey, and Janet (Armstrong) Ralph for telling us about the loss of Nancy (Young) Verrington.  Their obituaries can be found by clicking on the highlighted links below (the links are in the same order as the pictures reading left to right). 

If the original obituary is no longer available, you may be able to find it in another newspaper using the Legacy.Com website.  For help using that site, click here.

Mary Kilroy:
Ray Saulnier:
Bill Serven:

Nancy Young:

We are also sorry to report that our reunion committee chairwoman for many years, Joanne (Pettigrew) Anderson, lost her oldest brother Bill on January 26, 2013.  His death comes on the heels of her youngest brother's death in March of 2012.  Tootie and her husband Bob recently returned to Massachusetts to be closer to her children. 

A long-time member of our reunion committee, Shirley (Collins) Starion, lost her husband Gerry on February 18, 2013.  His obituary is at

If you would like to get in touch with any classmates, you can email us at for their current contact information. 

Speaking of contact information we have received a number of new or updated email addresses from our reunion calls.   They include:  Dave Addis, Jeanne (Anderson) Derrah, Joyce (Bailey) Seaman, Jean (Baker) Riley, Fred Best, Evelyn (Carlson) Paine, Tom Cashman, Leona (Cleaves) Ames, Lee (Cliff) Ryan, Joan (Conway) Raney, Louise (Covey) Carr, Carmen (DeAngelis) Burbar, Margaret (DeAngelis) Lorton, John Duffy, Tosca (Forte) Pugh, Manny Frangos, Brad Gosselin, Phil Hargrove, Stephanie (McGrath) McNaughton, Ed Mears, Bill O'Day, Ron Pagano, Dick Pickering, Jeanne (Potischman) Goldberg, Dick Prime, Helen (Ready) Walsh, Arnold Salvucci, Len Sanford, Elaine (Scott) Bray, Ed Shapiro, Clayton Simons and Joyce (Smith) Hall.

Our Class Database is private and no information can be released without your permission.  While many classmates have given us general permission to release their contact information to other classmates, the website manager (Rick Donovan)  will always call or email you before releasing your information.

If you would like to see a list of all the classmates with valid email addresses, click on list.

Art Caldwell and Rick Donovan are grudgingly learning their way around the Windows 7 operating system.  Their idea of a good new operating system is that it doesn't change anything you did before, it just does it a lot faster.  They will shortly begin using the Internet to search for classmates with phones no longer in service.

In the meantime, if you have a few minutes, they would appreciate your clicking here to see a list of these classmates.  If you know the correct phone number for anyone on the list, a quick email to would be a huge help...even just knowing the state a classmate currently lives in can give us an excellent start.

Two new poems are available from Jim Wood; one for girls and one for boys.  It won't be difficult to tell which is which.  Click here to check them out.
We'll Always Remember Lynn:  Claire (McEntee) Hamilton from the wilds of Lakeland, FL, June (Scotty) DeRoin from the website home base in Salem. MA and Gale Jeffrey, a good friend from my days as the Assistant Youth Director at the Lynn YMCA, had sent us copies of this poem quite a while ago and it's finally up on our site.

A little research later on led to the author of the original poem, Leon Blumberg.  You can check him out along with the newly authorized version of his original poem by clicking on I Remember Lynn.

Medication:  If you are going into the hospital for a short visit and not sure, bring your own meds.  A patient at a South Carolina hospital ended up paying over $1,600 for the meds she normally takes at home.  She would not have been charged if she had brought them with her.

Having a procedure at your doctor's office?  A suburban Boston patient who had three pre-cancerous spots treated with liquid nitrogen at his dermatologist's office was charged $1,525 for operating room and hospital charges because he didn't see a little sign in the hallway that said "the care you receive may have a hospital facility charge."

LoJack Safety Net:  My local police are encouraging caregivers who have wandering relatives to consider LoJack's Search and Rescue Receiver.  The client wears a Personal Locater Unit on his or her wrist or ankle.   If they go missing, the police use their LoJack system to track and find the wanderer.

For more information you can visit the LoJack site at,  call 1-877-434-6384 or email LoJack at

A Swampscott grandmother is out $5,600 after getting scammed for bail money for her grandson.  She thought his voice didn't sound right but went ahead anyway and wired the money to an address in the Dominican Republic.  Her advice for us:  "Think with your head and not your heart."
Tips To Ripoffs:  The Boston Globe recently listed the top "red flags" from the Federal Trade Commission that signal a would be scammer; also listed is the FBI scam hot line:  858-715-1648.  You can check out the list by clicking on Ripoffs.
Wireless Credit and Debit Cards or How People Can Rip Off Your Credit Card Without It Leaving Your Wallet:  Ed Cummiskey had sent us a YouTube video demo of customers having their wireless credit card information stolen.  That video is no longer available but you might want to check out the details at this link:  

Even if you do not have a wireless card now the odds are pretty good that your next renewal credit or debit card with have a wireless chip.  To check your own cards for wireless capability, look for this radar type symbol. 

Some Good News For A Change:  Carl Goodwin is a frequent contributor to our In Box and sent this welcome news recently. 

The Event Boundary:

Ever walk into a room with some purpose in mind, only to completely forget what that purpose was?  Turns out, doors themselves are to blame for these strange memory lapses.

Psychologists at the University of Notre Dame have discovered that passing through a doorway triggers what's known as an Event Boundary in the mind, separating one set of thoughts and memories from the next. Your brain files away the thoughts you had in the previous room and prepares a blank slate for the new locale. 

Thank goodness for studies like this. It's not our age, it's that damn door.

Did I send this to you already?

Nadine and Art Caldwell Appointed Honorary Website Travel Consultants:  The site manager is convinced that this couple logs more air miles than the President.  You can check out the stops on their most recent adventures by clicking on 2012 and 2010.
Gary Getchell wrote us about his preparations for the recent blizzard.  You can see this down-easter's take on Mother Nature by clicking on Comments 2

From the In Box

From Ed Cummiskey, here's a great collection of pictures on the construction of the new world trade center:  (after you get to the BuzzFeed page, scroll down to get to the first picture)
From Art Caldwell, here's the Youtube video of the Kiss concert for the armed services in Iraq:
Bill Croteau and Art Caldwell sent two different collections of pictures designed to tickle your stomach.  Here are just a few for now.
New Year's Resolutions:  When I last checked, 40% of all Americans did not make a resolution and a third of the remaining 60% has quit before the end of January.  My Resolution was that I could only rant around the house about topics I had not previously ranted about.  This as you can imagine is difficult considering all that's going on in our country.  Maybe we could have a separate rant page where both sides could vent and help keep peace at home as well. 
Best Obama Reelection Scenarios:  Of the emails received at our website, 2nd place went to the a Texas county emergency manager who asked for money to bring in law enforcement officials to control the riots that would break out after Obama was reelected.  The officers would be needed not to control Texas citizens but to stand up against the United Nations troops who would be sent to quell the riots.

First place went to a woman who wrote a scathing condemnation of AARP's political stance.  She pointed out that her husband, a long-distance trucker, had recently travelled over 10,000 miles and had met only one Obama supporter.  She now feels that the Obama regime has "rendered Soylent Green a prophetic cautionary tale rather than a nonfiction scare tactic."

If you didn't see "Soylent Green," it was a 1973 science fiction movie that featured our country in an apocalyptic situation living mostly on government supplied processed food.  Unknown to the populace, the government was processing deceased citizens and turning them into hamburger helper.

2012 Election:  To be honest, I went to bed early with Elizabeth Warren leading and the electoral vote tied.  At that time Fox News had Ohio for Romney.  I hoped for a Warren win and if Obama lost, I could look forward to Democrats giving Republicans a little taste of their 375 filibusters and hundreds of blocked bills and unfilled appointments.  What a life our class has led:  from the Great Depression through World War II to "we're all mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore."
Any now for something completely different:  The Boston Globe reported that "Massachusetts eighth-graders outperformed most countries on a highly regarded international math and science exam...offering fresh evidence that the state's educational system rivals academically powerful nations around the world. 

In the science part of the test, only Singapore outscored Massachusetts...In math, Massachusetts trailed only South Korea, Singapore, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong and Japan; 63 countries took the test."


Food For Thought


"I know the only speeches that change people's behavior are delivered by doctors."
Frank Stewart, Globe Bridge Column

"If you come across an organized religion without a sense of humor, run for you life."
Richard Emmanuel, Boston Globe

"Frequently, what we look forward to is not the future by the past restored."
Andre Aciman

"A political party goes to pot when it begins to believe its own lies."
Ezra Pound

"We say of some things that they can't be forgiven, or that we will never forgive ourselves.
But we do -- we do it all the time."
Alice Munro

The last three sayings reprinted with permission
from Tom Fitzpatrick at



Update October, 2012


Wilbur A. Spurr  1936 - 2012

Our thanks to Jim Leonard and Fran Page for letting us know of Bill Spurr's passing on October 2, 2012 in Wolfboro, NH.  His obituary is at: If the original obituary is no longer available, you may be able to find it in another newspaper using the Legacy.Com website.  For help using that site, click here.
Reunion Committee Calls:  Committee members will be making their quinquennial (a real word) calls during the middle of October to verify your current contact information and to ask if you wish to receive a mailing for our 60th reunion.

If you know of any classmates who have moved since 2008, any information you can give to the Committee caller will be most appreciated even if it's only the name of the town or state.

Thanks also to all the classmates who took the time to update their information during our email survey in March.  If things have changed since then, a quick email would be a big help.

60th Reunion:  In response to Jim Leonard's recent inquiry...yes, we have been out of school for 59 years and in response, your reunion committee has declared September 5, 2013 a national holiday as well as our 60th reunion.

In anticipation of the festivities, a hospitality suite will be available Wednesday afternoon, September 4th.  For the Thursday banquet, cocktails and hors d'oeuvres will start at 7 PM and the dinner at 8 PM. 

Our apologies to Jewish classmates for not realizing we were going to end up in the middle of the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah.  Didn't know until I talked with Ron Newburg the other day that Jewish holidays can vary widely from year to year...the same holiday will be celebrated starting September 24 in 2014...I don't get out much.

Reservations:  You can reach the Holiday Inn Peabody website by clicking on  The base room rate should be $115 for our group and a block of room has been reserved for us.  The front desk can be reached at 978-535-4600.     
Renovations:  The work started during our 55th reunion was completed in 2010.  According to the reunion committee, the hotel is under new ownership, new management and has a new chef. 

An outdoor patio has been added which should be just off the pool area and if all goes well, not too far from the hospitality suite.  The lobby has been enhanced and non-smoking rooms now account for 140 of the 183 guest rooms.  A fact sheet for Holiday Inn Peabody is listed below their pictures.







Jack and Lona Abare:  Reunion Committee members and friends of Jack and Lona were treated to a wonderful time this summer at their 54th wedding anniversary gala.  Splendid food and almost non-stop entertainment made for a great evening.

Except for the usual aches and pains and the fact that too many guys still have a lot of hair, I thought the group looked pretty good for their age.

Birthday Facts:  Bill Croteau and I had been talking about classmates with common birthdays recently.  I knew that July 6, 1935 had the most with 5 and found three other groups of 4 each.

If you are part of a group of 23 people, the chance of finding another person born on your birthday in a 365 day year is 50.7%.  I don't know the odds for a class of 368 but I'm hoping that a classmate with the initials of Gary Getchell will let us know what the odds are for a group of 5.  The groups are:

July 6, 1935 - Barbara Raymond, Nancy Westhaver, Fred Best, Edithann Kelley and Barbara Killam.

June 17, 1935 - Janet Armstrong, Rita Clark, Manny Frangos and Lois Milburn.

October 15, 1935 - Bernadine Baumgarten, Carmen and Margaret De Angelis, and Larry Kennedy.

November 6, 1935 - Priscilla Colby, William Goldman, Rosemary Gould and Bob Poor.


Class of 1954:  LEHS '54's classmate Paul Miga has donated an excellent scanned copy of their class picture.  To check it out, click on 1954 Class Picture to jump to that portion of the 1954 webpage.


Art Caldwell on Johnny Pesky


Some of Art's Johnny Pesky and Red Sox Pictures




Johnny Pesky and Red Sox owners:  Opening day ceremonies in 2005 for the defending world champs


Jim "Dutch" Leonard on Baseball Memories

In a recent email exchange, I kidded Jim by claiming, untruthfully, that Bibby Poor said Jim could not steal second base if he was the only guy on the field.

He wrote back to report that "Bibby Poor was so slow that they measured his time on the dash in hours not seconds.  Once, in a hundred yard dash, the timer fell asleep before he reached the finish line.  Seriously, he was a great competitor and great teammate.  He never said much, but was a steady, hard-working player and an all-round good guy.

 As for my speed afoot ... I think it's safe to say I was sneaky fast.  For some reason, I always had John McGloin running directly behind me.  He had a habit while running of constantly  repeating, 'Ah cha cha,,,,Ah cha cha.'  I was afraid if I slowed down he'd run over me.  John's someone I miss dearly.  He was a great friend and an honorable guy.

 Don't you have a few moments when you begin to feel that 'you're older than dirt?'  There are times when I read about incidents that happened sixty years ago and I think it happened yesterday.  As an example, in 1962, I coached a team that defeated one of the finest American Legion Teams ever to step on a field.  Recently, I have been receiving e-mails from former players who reminded me that this is the 50th Anniversary of that event.  They remember plays and facts that I can not recall.

Time has a habit of distorting reality.  As an example, I'm now absolutely certain that in 1953 I was 6' 10" tall, weighed 245, ran the hundred yard dash in seven seconds, and routinely lifted 600 lbs.  Why then am I now barely able to walk, have trouble lifting a newspaper, weigh a mere 210 and am not an inch over six feet tall."  



These English High students served as waitresses at the luncheon held during the the annual conference of the MA Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation at the East Lynn high school on Friday.  Front row, left to right:  Wanda Bartlett, Catherine Oran, Barbara MacLeod, Jackie Baklini, Pat Wescott , June Sadivia, Harriett Brown, Janet Hunter and Connie Dow.  Second row, left to right:  Joanne Peach, Lorraine Foss, Carole Norwood, Pat O'Connor, Myrna Stathis, Dianne Gilbert, Nancy Tayntor, supervisor of cafeterias; Joanne Pettigrew, Donna Witham, Roberta Plotinick, Marilyn Brown Lillyan Bernstein, Judy Deacon, Judy Killoran and Nancy Taylor.

Our thanks to Wanda (Bartlett) Cummings for this "down memory lane" moment.


Carl Goodwin's Web Site:  The dramatic site pictured above can be found in Sedona, Arizona, and was painted by classmate Carl Goodwin and is the first picture that greets you at his recently created website.

You can take a quick trip there by clicking on his website  While there you can email him a reminder that he still owes you for a couple of school lunches in 1952.

Ed Cummiskey sent us a website which provides you with a 360 degree virtual tour of the space shuttle Discovery's control center.  There is a control guide for the tour at the bottom of the screen or Eddie said "you can just click on the picture and hold down the left mouse key to move in any direction."  He also said "Don't forget to look at the ceiling."  The site makes it easy to imagine yourself weightless.  To find it, click on

Bob Rhodes on Owen Wykes




Top Row Left to Right:  Ted Bradbury, Bob Porter and Owen Wykes

Bottom Row Left to Right:  Mickey McCarthy and Dick Flynn


On the right, Bob Rhodes who donated both pictures and is our our highest ranking retired armed services person although I don't think he wore his last service hat at quite that rakish an angle.

"Just the facts, ma'm.":  As class website viewers may know, I'm not a fan of chain email sent mostly by spammers who make outrageous claims to rile people up enough to get them to forward it to their friends.  The spammer gets copies of the forwarded mail and sells the email addresses to the highest bidder.

Can't speak to the Romney chain mails as I have not received any, but I have checked the Obama chain mail received and if it seems untrue, it's checked out at one or more of the nationally-recognized sites:,,  I prefer these sites because they are quick to jump on untrue or misleading claims regardless of party.

Normally, the facts are sent back to the classmate who forwarded it.  My good deed, right?  Wrong.  Political scientists now know that my good deed backfires when it's received.  Studies at the University of Michigan in 2005 and 2006 "found that when misinformed people, particularly political partisans, were exposed to corrected facts in news stories, they rarely changed their minds.  In fact, they often became more strongly set in their beliefs." least now I understand why political machines are willing to spend so much money on so little truth.

It also reminds me of a quote attributed to Oscar Wilde:  "No good deed goes unpunished."  Another one of his I liked:   "Be yourself; everyone else is already taken."

Another study none of us will want to believe:  "By monitoring a tribe of hunter-gathers in Africa and comparing them to Western populations, a team of researchers discovered that humans generally burn about the same number of calories per day, regardless of what kind of society they live in.  The stark conclusions: 'Even dramatic differences in lifestyle may have a negligible effect,' and it's diet that matters."

Topsfield Fair 2012:  The oldest agricultural fair in the nation saw a new world record set with this 2009 pound pumpkin.  Aren't you sorry you moved away?

This pumpkin beat the previous world record set the previous day at the Deerfield, NH Fair.  Aren't you glad you're not that other guy?

An argument for living in the city:  The Milken Institute, a think tank that focuses on what makes societies thrive, recently published a report that found metropolitan Boston to be the fourth most attractive destination for seniors. 

Boston scored high for health care, public transportation, fitness opportunities, education, community engagement, cultural enrichment and employment of people over 65.  And the older you get, the better Boston becomes.  It ranked No. 1 for people over 80.

Quotes that struck home recently:  From the Arlo & Janis comic strip by Jimmy Johnson, Arlo's punch line in a recent strip..."Two old people living precariously through their children."

The other was "Add a few drops of venom to a half-truth and you will have an absolute truth."  The quote was by Eric Hoffer and is reprinted with permission from Tom Fitzpatrick whose website is


Guy Stuff

Looking for a quotation to impress someone?  Art Caldwell sent this source  Best part...they are sorted by topic.

Also want to thank Art for letting me know about  Spent the summer avoiding the painting of my front porch deck.  After viewing my house, I realized no one would notice.  Thanks Art...that's what friends are for.

Wanda (Bartlett) Cummings sent our website an up-to-date picture of our resident Boston Sports Guru.  You can see him and his man cave by clicking here.

Ever nailed an animal at high speed?  A couple of young guys were driving at a fast rate when they hit something.  The car seemed okay so they kept on going for for a couple of hours before stopping for gas.  Much to their surprise, they found a coyote who had survived the hit with only scratches on one claw.




Why Men Die First

In addition to losing brain cells, the site manager has lost the name of the classmate who sent the above pictures.  If it's you, please let me know at .

Update May, 2012



The Mayo Clinic has updated its recommendations on the use of aspirin as a heart attack first aid measure and on aspirin as a heart attack preventative.

In case of a heart attack, the Clinic recommends calling 911 first and then taking aspirin.  See their website summary below on heart attack first aid.


Heart Attack:  First Aid

Project Implicit is a collaborative network of researchers studying the thoughts and feelings people have outside their concious awareness and control.  For the 2012 presidential election, they have a demonstration program which allows website visitors to test their attitudes toward the 2012 presidential candidates and the ex-candidates as well. 

They are also looking for volunteers to test their biases in ten other fields including religion, gender and human sexuality.  You can find the Project website at

My Favorite Republican is my G. I. specialist, Dr. John Gandolfo.  He calls me his favorite Democrat and when time permits, we discuss our sides of the issues.  After we had solved Medicare and the national debt recently, I asked him about the alarming studies on obesity and diabetes.  It turned out that he had just been to a regional medical meeting that confirmed those results.

If you have concerns about your health or your partner's health in these vital  areas, get tested.  If your partner doesn't want to go, promise him or her a lot of always worked on me for my wife.

Open Checkbook Law:  As part of the Commonwealth's effort to increase overall state "fiduciary transparency," you can now see the pensions of retirees from the MA state employees' or teachers' retirement systems.  Names should be entered last name first and followed by the first name.  To find the state website, search on "Massachusetts Open Checkbook."

It is a better pension than many available today with a maximum of 80% if you do not designate a beneficiary,  Keep in mind that it takes a lot of years to get to the max, 42 in my case.  MA teachers and state employees are not eligible for social security and have been denied the option to join.  As a result, public pension benefits for non-Social Security-eligible employees are usually  higher than those of other public employees to compensate for the absence of Social Security benefits.

Full Disclosure:  I do get a small social security pension based on my earnings through military service and a variety of night and summer jobs worked over the years.  My wife would be rolling over in her grave right now if she hadn't been cremated.  For her, my income was nobody's expurgated business.  But when the Lynn Item published my salary on its front page every couple of years, having a fit never made it go away.


St. Mary's Church from Art Caldwell's history CD


Fenway Memories with contributions from Allen Roland, Jim Leonard and Bob Barrasso along with a sneak peek at the Boston Braves


From Jim Leonard:  (In the games leading up to Fenway) I pitched seven games in nine days; a few were in relief.  At one point, Dave Barry said "Jim, you've pitched too much...not today.  Just wear your pants to Haverhill."  As the game progressed, he would come to me and say "You're not pitching today." 

All of a sudden, he said "Jim, get in there."  I hadn't warmed up and had to borrow a  glove from one guy, shoes from another, a cap from still another and a shirt from the last guy.  We played a doubleheader for the league championship.  I pitched the first game and pitched in relief in the second.

As for the Fenway game, we practiced behind the high school.  Dave Barry came to me and asked, "How do you feel."  I replied, "I can't feel the ball.  My arm and hand have no feeling."  He replied, "See how it goes."

Sadly, I believe I struck out the side in the first inning, but after that they whacked the ball all over the park.  Coach Barry brought a guy in who couldn't break a pane of glass and he did pretty well.  I remember Donnie Cross went nuts when he didn't come in to pitch.  In all fairness, Mr. Barry probably wanted to save Donnie to pitch the next game in the event we had mounted a rally and won the game

I had a lump on my elbow the size of a golf ball for about a year.  Actually, it helped.  I learned how to pitch and not just throw.  I was sent to play in Canada and had a pretty solid summer.  Gradually, the lump went down and the pain went away.

I remember the last ten seconds I was at LEHS.  Just as I was leaving the school for the last time, Mr. Whelan stopped me and said :"The Braves called.  They want to know if you're planning to play ball or go to college."  I was stunned.  "College?" I replied.  He said, "I checked your grades...your college material."   I raced to the Guidance Office and asked Dave Barry and Paul Ierardi what they thought.  Their response was, "Join the army or play'll never make it in college."  What a vote of confidence.

I applied to five area colleges...took their tests (no SATs in those days) and much to my surprise was accepted at all five and received a partial athletic scholarship to Boston University.

I was unhappy at BU and left at the end of my freshman year.  I was ready to go to the Braves minor league camp until Billy Homan called and asked it I'd be interested in coming to Salem Teachers' College.

Best decision I ever made.

From Bob Barrasso:  The 100th anniversary at Fenway Park brought back many wonderful memories.  Since the Lynn English Bulldogs won the Essex County Championship, we were selected to play in the post season at Fenway Park in June, 1953.

We had a terrific team but only one pitcher, Jim Leonard who was arm weary going into this contest due to pitching most every game during the regular season.  Al Roland and his brother Bob were two of our outstanding players and both good friends of mine.

My biggest thrill was hitting high off the Green Monster next to the centerfield bleachers for a double. That was a great experience personally.  We were down several runs early and were unable make up enough to win.  Dave Barry, our coach, became over-excited several times and was eventually invited to leave the game.

Thanks for asking for my recollections of that day at Fenway Park...Bob Barrasso (Captain Chico).


First Row, left to right:  Don Robson, Ken Cutler, Al Roland, John McGloin, Bob Roland.  Second Row, left to right:  Bob Prime, Don Cross, Billy Hyde, Bob Poor, Charles Long, Chris Tsioropoulos, Captain Bob Barrasso.  Third Row, left to right:  Harvey Fishman, Coach Dave Barry, Rob Pinch, Bob O'Brien, Dick Murphy, Art Fiste, Jim Leonard and Larry Gray.


From Art Caldwell:  Ted Williams was always my baseball "Super Star."  To me he was the best hitter baseball has ever seen.  When I was a very young person, I loved to go to Fraser Field and watch the baseball games from in back of the fence on the outfield near Manning Bowl.  I remember that the Boston Red Sox were having an exhibition game with the Lynn Red Sox.  During batting practice lots of kids were behind the fence in the outfield with their gloves hoping to catch any ball that cleared the fence.  Well, when Ted hit one over the fence, I caught it!  He came out to center field and autographed it for me. WOW!

I had that ball just for a few weeks before my brother took it to use and got it all dirtied up playing a game with it.  I was heartbroken for years about it.  Keep in mind that happened about 65 + years ago.


From Art Caldwell's history CD, Tony Conigliaro (who hit the most home runs (24) of any teenager in major league baseball) and Ted Williams above; below Billy and Tony Conigliaro's idea of  working out in the off-season.


Another Country Heard From

                      Click picture to enlarge    Click picture to enlarge
Art Caldwell remembers the famous saying for the Braves in their 1948 pennant winning season,  "Spahn and Sain then pray for rain."  He got to see a Braves game courtesy of Father Dolan at St. Pius Church.  I got to go to a Braves-Red Sox Jimmy Fund game with Bob Ashton and his dad.  For some Braves history, Art recommends                                   
From Rick Donovan:  Growing up my father and I shared the Boston Post newspaper regularly over breakfast.  He knew I was a Boston Braves fan and also a fan of the paper's sports cartoonist, Bob Coyne.  For Christmas in 1948, he surprised me with three original Coyne cartoons of the Braves.

My father was an avid B. C. sports fan and regularly charted all the plays of their weekend football games for dissection by the Monday Morning Quarterbacks in the teachers' smoking room at Eastern Jr. High (aka the custodians' office.)  I'm not sure where his professional baseball loyalties lay but other teachers later told me he was noted for starting "discussions" about the Red Sox that would entangle Henry Winston, a fellow math teacher and a very serious Sox fan, in arguments that would still be going on when my father came back for his next smoking break.

Classmates who had Mr. Winston will certainly remember his very serious demeanor.  Years later I learned that my brother-in-law, another lifelong avid Red Sox fan, was Henry Winston's nephew.  Mr. Winston, a widower, remarried late in his life to wonderful woman and I got to meet them both at my brother-in-law's home.  He was so jovial and personable that it was a delight to see this side of him.  Later I learned he was a gifted college athlete and played against Jim Thorpe.  What wouldn't we have given to hear some of those stories as 8th graders?  After Mr. Winston passed away, his will generously left his nephew two well-preserved, carefully scored World Series baseball programs from games he had attended, the Red Sox in 1912 and the Braves in 1948.

Bonus contribution from Art Caldwell:  For an interesting look at how baseballs are made today, click on

Update April, 2012


Ruth (Ostrowski) Brown  1936 - 2010

William R. Best  1935 - 2012


Our thanks to Cathy (Nicolson) Foster who noticed that her good friend Ruth was not on our Memorial Page; to Elaine (McGrath) Brothers for letting us know about Billy Best and to Art Caldwell for writing to us about his "adopted sister" Joyce Wade. 

Local obituaries for Joyce Wade and William Best  are no longer available, you may be able to find them in another newspaper using the Legacy.Com website.  For help using that site, click here.

For some interesting stories about Joyce and her mother Catherine Davis, check in with Art at the next reunion.  Joyce was a popular long-time friend and supporter of of all our class activities.

Our Next Update will feature our own tribute to Fenway's 100th year with the reprinting of Al Roland's tribute to Fenway Park and of his own personal Fenway date with destiny in 1953 when the LEHS baseball team made it to a post-season playoff at the park.

We will also be hearing from other classmates on that team.  If you have any personal Fenway memories you would like to share, write to us at  

50th Memory Booklet:  A new webpage has been created with copies of the memory response pages that Delly and Jim Starratt created for the 50th reunion.  If you haven't seen it before, I think you will enjoy it;  It's interesting and inspirational although not a ringing endorsement for some teachers and guidance counselors including my own.

It was my father who found out on his own in 1952 that if I didn't take an additional math and a science course in grade 12, I would not be eligible to go to Salem State.  Great save Dad.

Click on 50th Memory Booklet to check it out.  You can also reach it from most other pages as it's listed at the top left just under 50th Reunion.


New Pictures have been posted on our Lynn History page.  There is a section on Dungeon Rock and new pictures have been added to the beginning of the Miscellaneous category.  Click on the highlighted words to jump to these sections.

In the course of processing Art Caldwell's Lynn history pictures, a picture postcard of the Rose Motor Company brought back lots of good memories.  You can see the reason for my delight by clicking on Down Lynn's Memory Lane Stories.

A Manly Man's Issue:  Since our class males are outnumbered 2 to 1 and deserve some special attention, two special pieces have been added for them.  The first is an up close and personal look at pictures of Art Caldwell's Man on Man Cave to jump to this piece.

The second piece was donated by June (Scotty) DeRoin and is titled "Massachusetts Guys Will Understand."  Spouses and partners may want to check this out to see if your partner qualifies for this possibly dubious distinction.  Click on Mass. Guys.

To provide some class to go with our manly pieces, click here to read the latest contributions by Jim Wood:  "Falling From Grace" and "Marie Antoinette."

Your grandchildren are not having your great-grandchildren fast enough?  Stop complaining.  The Journal of Family Psychology will be reporting on a large ten-year national study which found that older mothers had better relationships with their teen children.  These results persisted "even when controlling for the number of children in the family, poverty level, mother's education and the mother's personality."

Ten Most Unfriendly Tax States For Retirees:  Taken from the Kiplinger Report, they are Vermont, Minnesota, Nebraska, Oregon, California, Maine, Iowa, Wisconsin, New Jersey and Connecticut.

New Airline Rules:  If you have not flown since January 24, 2012, click here for a quick summary of the recent changes.

Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam:

The annual security report from Message Labs Intelligence for 2010 reported that the average global rate of spam was 89.1%.  Of those billions of messages, 88.2% were sent from "bots," malicious programs that hide in a user's computer and provide a way to sent out spam without the user's knowledge.

How do the bad people, mostly or maybe all guys, find your computer?  They buy your email address from people who receive daily copies of all those forwarded chain letters and who copy out the email addresses to sell to the highest bidder.

What can you personally do to stop this?  Don't forward any chain emails.

"But I'm mad at liberals, conservatives, illegal aliens, legal aliens, Fox, NPR, evolutionists, creationists, war, peace, elected officials, oil companies, environmentalists, academics, gas prices, college tuitions, etc."  Well at least take the time to hide your friends and classmates email addresses before you forward the chain mail.  And if you are a really good person, delete all the forwarded email addresses you received with the chain email.

If you do this regularly, please let me know and I'll add you to our site's Chain Email Honor Roll.  Current honorees are:

Chain Email Honor Roll
Arthur Caldwell
Eleanor (Vegnani) Cornell
Wanda  (Bartlett) Cummings
Edward Cummiskey
Rickard Donovan

"But I'm lucky if I can find my computer, never mind all this stuff."  Then find a friend, relative or neighborhood school kid to walk you through it.. 

Brave enough to try those steps on your own?  You can practice by forwarding email to yourself.  Click on Try the following and take a shot at steps 1) and 2).

"These chain mails can't all be bad."  No but here's a quote from Dave Emery who has been doing fact checking for About.Com for the past ten years,"...less than a tenth of what’s circulating out there at any given time turns out to be 100% true."

Spam Resources:  For a brief summary of the "tells" that give away a spam email, click on How To Spot Spam.  For a more complete article that includes the "tells", click on

Spam Super Honor Roll:  Some day we may have one for classmates who take the time to examine the Creative, Really Amazing Prevarications they receive and don't send them on if they are false.

Fact Checking Resources:  I like and because they have been around for a while and seem consistent in their treatment of all sides. 

Though for Today:  Found in one of Art Caldwell's emails:  "Married women live longer than married men, but married men are a lot more willing to die."

Attributed to author Robert A Heinlein:  "Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea."

Facebook and Classmates.Com:  With Facebook we had some early success in reaching classmates we had not heard from for quite a while.  That ended pretty quickly.  I had hoped that the site might attract some of our missing classmates children but it hasn't happened.

I dropped my Classmates.Com membership several years ago after receiving endless emails from them about classmates who were not longer using their website.  

From the In Box


If you have a good title for this picture, please send it along.  It did remind me of the old joke about a guy who fell out a window.  His neighbor runs over and says, "What happened?"  And the guy  replies, "I don't know, I just got here myself."

The gas prices are circa 1955 courtesy of Janet (Armstrong) Ralph;  the traffic jam is in China.




Update February, 2012


Betty Ann (Crooker) Gallant  1934 - 2011

Richard G. Hunt



Thanks to Mary (Cook) Pigott and Art Caldwell for notifying the site about Betty.  A local obituary is not available but you may be able to find it in another newspaper using the Legacy.Com website.  For help using that site, click here.

Jayne Roy, who runs the reunions for LEHS '54, wrote to tell us that Richard Hunt had passed away.  At this time she has not been able to obtain any additional information.  No Massachusetts obituary information for Richard was available at the Legacy website. 

Please note that the informal winter reunion scheduled for February 29, 2012 has been cancelled due to major changes in the organizer's winter schedule.

If you are having trouble getting our website or reading it on your computer, write to us at  Send us your name, phone number and best time to contact and our webmaster will try to resolve the problem.  

North Shore Weather and Sports:  As of late January, 2012, North Shore residents are still nestled in the benevolent bosom of the weather goddess with the only complaints coming from school children.  Snowball fights have been impossible with our few inches of light powdery stuff and they have had to fall back on good, old-fashioned insults.

Patriot fans are stunned and happy that the god of chance has dealt them a card saying "Collect $200 and the AFC Championship."  They are saddened too for Ravens fans and their place kicker.  Too bad his critics couldn't be limited to people who in their lives have never choked under pressure. 

Off-season sports trivia from Art Caldwell:  What happened to pitcher Buck O'Brien of the Red Sox after he gave up 5 runs in the first inning of a 1912 World Series game...his teammates beat him up!


Speaking instead of real disasters:  This is from a dramatic collection of Costa Concordia pictures that June DeRoin sent to our website Inbox.

Reflections for the Day

Money is our country now. We go where it goes - we followers of the cash flow.   William H. Gass

Ill fares the land...where wealth accumulates and men decay.  Oliver Goldsmith

Reprinted from the Boston Globe with the kind permission of Tom Fitzpatrick 

Consumer Advisory:  The MA Office of Consumer Affairs sent a reminder that now is a good time to review your credit reports.  The Federal Trade Commission recommends that you space out your reports from the big three credit reporting agencies to one every three or four months so that you can check changes to your credit throughout the year.

You can get them online at which is the ONLY authorized source for Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.  You can also call toll-free at 1-877-322-8228.

Hubble Telescope Fans:  27 new pictures have been added to the side bar at the Manager's Mix page.  You can click to check them out.

From Our Class Poet Laureate Jim Wood and his recent collection "Some Poems For My Friends", we've added two:  Poet's Cat May-Ling (May-May) and In A Secret Place The Sun Shone.  Click here to take a look.

Jim's May-May is not to be confused with our own May-May which is what May Porter's 37 grandchildren call her.


Do you recognize this hound or any of these unindicted co-conspirators? Good, then you can help us out with their names by going to Down Memory Lane, clicking on the Fun At Home section and looking at the pictures numbered JB01 to JB15. 

If you see any faces you think you remember, please jot down the picture number and the classmate's name and send it to . Even if it's only one name, it's one more than we have now.  Even if you are not sure, send it anyway and we'll compare it to our yearbook pictures.

Please do not delay.  Tomorrow you may have even fewer brain cells than you have at this very minute.

Facebook Dilemma:  As the website manager aka Rick Donovan, I would like to apologize to any classmates who have tried to access my Facebook page and have not yet heard from me.  My dilemma was that I wanted to create a group page for our class, not a Facebook page for myself.

Gary Getchell is very active in social networking and has been helping me with Facebook.  Currently, we have an experimental group page with four classmates to practice on.  More news after the Super Bowl.

In the meantime, Adele (Terenzoni) Dentremont did find us.  She is still in North Carolina, looks pretty good if she doesn't mind my saying so, and I hope to hear from her soon so we can update our class records.

Braver classmates than I are out there in the Ethernet as it was originally known.  Facebook fans include:  Jack Abare, Carol Gardner, Joseph Wescott, James Wood, Joyce Davis Angelli Wade, Elaine Brothers, Vivian Varney, Ronald Natalie, Art Caldwell, William Croteau, Gary Getchell, Adele Dentremont (Terenzoni), Walter Pohle, Jim Starratt (Dolly), Bill Frisone, Allen Roland, Brad Gosselin, Stan Ashman, Wanda Cummings, Dottie Doucette, Fran Page, Gerry Colpits, Jim Leonard, Tootie Anderson, Mary Cook Pigott, Nancy Mustaccio (Whitmore) and Muriel Cameron Sakellson.


More From The In Box



China Sandstone Formation and Graffiti Art



No, the dolphin did not have the cat for lunch and Yes, Packer fans were not happy that ESPN declined to show their Veterans' Day tribute nationally.



A Glaring Omission:  In reviewing our 50th Memory Booklet for possible use on the website, I realized there was no mention that it was created by Jim Starratt.  Not only did Jim do it, he rescued the site manager who originally volunteered to do the booklet and then found himself in a lose-lose situation at home.

It turned out to be a win-win situation for classmates who got a seriously better memory booklet as a result.  By way of apology, the site manager has converted the 50th Memory Booklet into a web page.  You can click here to jump to that page

Speaking Of Memories:  Pictures of the Concordia brought back memories of the Donovan Family's first cruise.  It was on the P&O Canberra which got pushed up on  the beaches of St. Thomas as the result of a violent windstorm.  The best thing that happened was an extra day of vacation; the worst was that his wife got another whole day of shopping.  (Years later at a business meeting, she met a man who was in a home on that beach at the time of the storm and who gave her a very graphic description of what it's like to watch a giant cruise ship drift up to your backyard.)

High School Memories:  If any of Art Caldwell's pictures bring back good memories for you, stop fawning over your grandchildren and take some time to share them with us.  Write to us at

The Senility Prayer (borrowed from Bill Donovan LEHS '62)


Grant me the senility to forget
The people I never liked anyway,
The good fortune to run into the ones I do,
And the eyesight to tell the difference!

Or as Mr. Caldwell says:

"We'll be friends until I am senile.
Then we'll be new friends."


Food For Thought:  The thoughts below have been completed; the memory booklet and the yearbook are in the navigation column that you see at the top left of most web pages.  The various videos are listed near the tops of the 61st Mini Reunion page, the 60th Reunion page and the Class of 1954 reunion page.


With the increase in space on our new web server, the site manager has several projects under consideration.  The first would be recreating the classmates' responses in our 50th Memory Booklet.

The second is an opportunity to add video to our site.  The first one to come to mind is Gary Getchell's DVD of our 50th banquet.  Our webmaster is looking into the additional software that the site would need.

The third would be to recreate pictures from our high school yearbook.  Our site already has scans of the 30 pages of classmates' pictures and mini-bios.

My parents would probably say "you're carrying coals to Newcastle."  If there are other projects you would prefer, let me know at

You can click on the pictures below to see samples of these pages.




Update December, 2011


Merry Christmas from our site and the world's largest Christmas tree on the slope of Monte Ingino outside Gubbio in Italy's Umbria region.

Our thanks to Gary Getchell for his refreshing New Year greeting which he stole from friends in England.  The nerve of some people...


Update November, 2011


We're sorry to report that Shirley Carpenter's husband, Harold "Bill" Isenhart, passed away on October 30, 2011 at the age of 85.  A second marriage for both, the event was a "mine, yours and ours" occasion with nine older children involved.  Hectic at the beginning according to Shirley but  turning out well, the marriage lasted 35 years.  The obituary and guest book site is at If the original obituary is no longer available, you may be able to find it in another newspaper using the Legacy.Com website.  For help using that site, click here.

A popular couple and regular supporters of our reunions and class gifts, they were always winners of the Most Distance Travelled prize (Maple Falls, WA).  Pictured below at the 50th reunion, Bill and Shirley Carpenter on the right and good friends, Shirley (Collins) and husband Jerry Starion on the left.



As you can see from our picture, Bill was a pretty big guy.  Ed Cummiskey wrote to say that he and his wife Elaine had a pleasant supper with Shirley and Bill at Carrabba's during the 55th reunion.  Bill mentioned that he was in the Navy and Ed noted that his Army helicopter company was ferried to Germany in 1956 on the USS Tripoli.  It turned out to be the sister ship of a small escort carrier, the Makassar Strait, that Bill served on in WWII.

Bill was the tallest sailor on the ship.  His duty station was a cramped corner of the hanger deck where he was the airplane parts and repair man and everywhere he went below decks he had to stoop and "watch out for my head."  He later met Shirley who was working for his company and the rest is, as they say, history.

Art Caldwell sent a neat coincidence to us.  Bill was born in Caldwell, KS and moved to Denver, CO when he was ten.  Denver is where Art first met his wife.



Off-Year Reunions:  Plans are in the works for an informal gathering on February 29, 2012 at the Ft. Myers Beach, a Holiday Inn.  If you are on our website email list, you will be receiving more information in the near future.  Fran Page reports that the cabana has been completely redone and that they did a nice job of it.

If you are interested and do not have an email address;  you can contact the website office and your interest will be forwarded to the organizers.  The site can be reached at LEHS Florida Reunion, 197 Loring Avenue, Salem, MA 01970 or you can call the site manager at 978-744-8751.



Getting the most bang for your charitable buck:  The Boston Globe Magazine of November 20, 2011 has listed several online resources for checking out charitable organizations.  Click on General Consumer Tips to see these sites. 

A Belated Halloween from Salem, MA, home of what may be the largest Halloween celebration in the country.  There are activities for the entire month of October and a major party on the last four days of the month.  In 2010, warm weather helped bring in over 100,000 visitors for those final days.  Colder weather with wet snow this year dampened the number of visitors...but not by much.  Halloween celebrants are dedicated.

This storm got its start in the hometown of a classmate, Art Caldwell in Aurora, CO, where he experienced a 7-hour power outage due to extensive tree damage and it treated New England very badly.  Now we know who to blame.  As a strange byproduct of the storm, Massachusetts officially had the warmest and snowiest winter on record for October. 

In a reply to an email from the website office, Carol (Greenlaw) McCarthy, wife of deceased classmate Bill McCarthy, wrote to say that she had just come back from three weeks in Oahu and Kauai, Hawaii, when the storm knocked out power for four days, but that she has "two wood stoves and was warm and comfy."  The memories of Hawaii probably didn't hurt either.

As with the balance sheets in Mr. Burke's accounting class, the site manager is trying to put like things in like places.  The scattered pieces of memory lane updates now have their own formal Down Memory Lane page.  The same has been done for the Comments, Etc. page.  Both pages are wider to handle larger pictures.

Yearbook pictures of all the deceased classmates have been added to our Memorial Page and the links for consumer information on the Manager's Mix page have been checked as of October, 2011. 

The Recent Changes page will be for 2011 and forward while the older updates for 2010 to 2007 will appear on a Past Updates page.

Different chunks of classmate information have been incorporated into the Comments, Etc. page and the Memory Booklet articles by Peter Bollen and Dr. Terry Downey have been moved to a new Lynn History page. 

The navigation column on the left now includes links to the collection of reunion group pictures and our high school group picture.  The former Acknowledgements page is now called Credits (the previous title was too long and messing up my spacing in that column).

If you have not seen our site for a while, two new pages were created recently:  25th Reunion Pictures and 5-Year Reunions.  These pages feature previous material plus new pictures from Fran Page's collection.  The 5-Year page has what we have for all regular reunions other than the 25th, 50th and 55th.

And if you really haven't visited for a while, see the Off-Year Reunions page featuring pictures from the 2007 and 2009 Florida reunions along with Mary (Cook) Pigott's humorous story on running the 2009 reunion in Venice, FL.

Art and Nadine Caldwell:  The website manager, Rick Donovan and the reunion committee treasurer, June (Scotty) DeRoin had an enjoyable lunch at Victoria Station in Salem this past summer with the Caldwells as part of their whirlwind tour of the area.  In addition to the funny stories, I got a number of excellent suggestions on tracing my ancestors.  June has Miles Standish and his second wife in her lineage and Art and Nadine are both experienced genealogists.

As an added bonus, Art spoke about a collection of new and old pictures he had of Lynn and promised to send a CD on his return to Colorado.

The first few from his history CD are on our Comments, Etc. page and some will appear on other pages as well.  This CD should provide some serious exercise for your memory cells.  Our new Lynn History page starts with this update and will eventually have most of Art's history pictures.

I kidded Art in an email recently saying that I was glad he was in our class even though Nadine said he was in a class by himself.  He has blessed our site and I hope his efforts will encourage other classmates as well.  Shown below is one of his historic pictures of Red Rock.  


Gary Getchell:  Speaking of generous donors as well as memory stuff, Gary has donated two additional pictures to the Band section of our new Down Memory Lane page.  While researching student names for the pictures, he came across a box of clippings that his mother had accumulated and sent us two more scans.



Above is a recent consumer alert from the state's (MA) consumer web site.  Below is our candidate for the Darwin award given each year to people who improve the gene pool by either leaving it or coming very close.  It was sent by Art Caldwell...along with a few choice words.
          Target Practice    Gun Misfires          Gun Fires             Hole in brain matches hole in cap

         To see the full clip Google the file name stupidpeoplewithguns.wmv


Update September, 2011


For Our 60th Reunion:  Committee members would like to hear from you about one topic that has been discussed recently:  that of a luncheon versus a dinner for our 2013 reunion in light (no pun intended) of the fact that driving at night is becoming less appealing as we grow older.  If you have a preference, please let them know at  

Website Makeover:  Our website continues to wend its way through a reorganization.  It could have gone faster this summer, but a lot of good weather got in the way.  Not that the website manger is a beach was a good time to catch up to repairs on his house with the help of mostly-willing sons.

A separate page has been created for the 50th Reunion Pictures which can be reached by clicking the highlighted link or that title in the left-hand column.

Another separate page was created for the various 5-year reunion pictures from Fran Page's digital collection.  At this time, it includes all the pictures we have of the 10th, 30th, 35th and 40th reunions.  Clicking on this highlight 5-Year Reunions or the same title on the left brings you to that page and from there you can jump to the reunion of your choice.  This section also includes the 45th reunion pictures donated by June (Scotty) DeRoin and previously listed on the Working Classmates page. 

If you can help, we are in need of pictures from the 15th (1968) and 20th reunion (1973) at the Danversport Yacht Club.  Please note that the summer goal was to get all of the pictures we have on file posted to our website.  We did not try to match names to most of the pictures.  This winter, we hope to get the least-senile members of the reunion committee to help us fill in the blanks.

Mini-Reunion:  Earlier in the summer, Bob Rhodes was in town and about 20 classmates and friends had a very pleasant lunch at the Porthole Pub in Lynn.

In talking about websites with Bob, he mentioned that he was a board trustee for the Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge and that they had recently upgraded their WW2 website which pays tribute to the vets who took part in this battle.

If you have friends or relatives who might be interested in this site, you can find it at or you can search on Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge.  Donations are also appreciated if you would like pay tribute to family members or friends who served in WW2.

Pioneer Village:  The website manager's daily bike ride to breakfast normally takes him past Pioneer Village in Salem, MA.  Built in 1930 to commemorate the state's tri-centennial, it was rehabbed starting in 2003 by Salem Preservation Inc.  Today, the property is run by the city in cooperation with the Gordon College Institute for Public History.

If you are looking for something to do in the fall with your grandchildren, this should be a good take.  It's located in Forest River Park in Salem which is itself a great picnic site with two beaches, a new play area, a cement slide that you may remember from your childhood days (bring your own cardboard) and in the summer months there are two new supervised fresh water swimming pools available, one for adults and one for children.  There are also two tennis courts next to the swimming pools.

For details on Pioneer Village, visit  For more information on all of Gordon College's Salem history programs you can visit the History Alive Site at


Unfortunately, if you visited Pioneer Village as a youngster, there is one memory you won't be able to physically relive.  The replica of the Arbella is long gone but the site manager can still remember playing pirates with his buddies.  A young version of Mrs. Site Manager poses with two older cousins.



From the In Box:

Feel a little better now?


Local Boy Makes Good

The site manager doesn't get to read the Boston Herald that often but when he does, he looks for "The Knight Life."  It's a newly syndicated strip done by Keith Knight from Malden, MA.  For more on Keith, go the
Reunion Committee Social:  At least once during the 5-year period between reunions, the reunion committee ladies, who normally meet throughout the year, lower their standards and allow husbands, boyfriends and associated riff-raff to attend.  The recent social was hosted by Joanne (Tootie) (Pettigrew) (Goodwin) Anderson and her husband Bob at their condos' meeting room in Malden.

Since that meeting Joanne and Bob have found a permanent home in Saugus.  If you would like Joanne's latest contact information, please drop a line to the web manager at   

Other recent database changes include a new email for Lenny Fishman, new phone number for Elaine and Dwight Brothers, new address for Dexter and Lorraine Brothers and a new summer address for Elaine and Dwight Brothers.

Incidentally, Dwight had a longer visit to the North Shore than normal this summer when he was nailed with a gall bladder attack and its subsequent removal.  If you would like to call and congratulate him on his unique weight-loss program, email us at  for his new number at .

Helpful Directions:  An email went by recently filled with helpful directions on packages such as "Do not eat these peanuts if you have a peanut allergy!"  Here's my small contribution from the Coleman cooler I used to bring my food donation to the reunion committee social.

Personally, I'd like to express my appreciation to Coleman for telling me this notice was for Japanese consumers only.  Otherwise I would have spent the day running around Salem University's campus looking for Asian students who could translate it for me.

Update June, 2011

Our website is pleased to announce the first fruits of its exploration of the Francis J. Page Jr. Video Archival Vault.  The vault, normally stored at the bottom of Sluice Pond for theft and temperature control reasons, was made available to the website manger for a brief amount of time recently.

As a result, our site has a new page for all the pictures associated with our 25th reunion in 1978.  You can see the results by clicking on "25th Reunion Pictures" in the adjoining column.

The Board of Directors of the Francis J. Page Jr. Video Archival Foundation has promised our website more access in the near future. 


Update May, 2011


Arthur T. Prentiss  1936 - 2011

Many Thanks to Art Caldwell and Bob Rhodes for letting the website use their emails to notify classmates of the passing of Art Prentiss on May 10, 2011.  An obituary and a guest book are available at  Click Obituaries at the top right-hand corner and enter "Prentiss" in the search block. 

If the original obituary is no longer available, you may be able to find it in another newspaper using the Legacy.Com website.  For help using that site, click here.

Thanks also to Art Caldwell for his email with various pictures of Art Prentiss and his wife at our reunions.  Our class was ably represented at the wake and funeral by Bob Rhodes and Ron Natalie, the surviving members of the "Three Amigos" as they were widely known in the heart of Virginia.


Update April, 2011

North Shore Winter:  Who would have thought that the highlight of February, 2011 would be the tops of our lawn furniture peeking though the snow or a gentle thaw that slowly reduced the snow without causing local flooding.  March came in like a wimp but got the last laugh with an April Fool's snowstorm.
Carl Goodwin:  A conversation Carl Goodwin to straighten out our email address changes led to a discussion of winter in Idaho.  Carl reported that this year he had to break down and buy a new broom to sweep away various drifts which reached a winter's total accumulation of two inches.  I think it was sympathy he expressed for our snow woe...hard to tell over the phone.

When not brooming, Carl took time out to send us two beautiful samples of his current work.  Click here to see it on our Classy Art page.

Dottie (Hansen) Doucette:  Dottie is still active in art circles and had shows at the Winthrop, MA senior center and Wakefield Lake during the summer months.  You can write to Dottie's art site at, visit her web site at Dottie's Art Gallery or write to her crafts blog at

Dottie gave the website permission to reproduce her oil painting of "Pumpkins & Cat" in honor of the website's office cat Pumpkin, a sweetheart of 17 years who passed away last month.


Clayton Curtis:  Clayton's recent summer show at the Atrium Gallery in the Moakley Federal Building in Boston featured his latest woodcuts of Greater Boston scenes.  Click here to see some of his woodcuts on our Classy Art page.

During the month of December, 2011, Clayton's work will be at the Virginia Carton Gallery in the Abbot Public Library in Marblehead and will be one of the features of the  Marblehead Annual Christmas Walk.

Copyright Protection:  Pictures from our class artists are copyrighted and appear with their permission.  Reproduction of their work is prohibited without express written consent.  If you would like to contact them, write us at and your email will be forwarded to them.
Electronic Architectural Dig:  Under our webmaster's guidance, the site manager has been using forensic computer techniques to restore images from an ancient form of electronic data storage known in earlier decades as a "CD".  Shown below are the first two pictures to be retrieved by these sophisticated tools.  Identification of the subject is expected shortly and other pictures will be added as available.
More Forensic Information:  We have a first approximation of the above person's name as Francois Papier.  Because of the many portraits, mostly of teenage girls on this CD, our webmaster believes Francois may have been a popular entertainer since it was the custom of those times, the late 40's and early 50's, when young admirers sent pictures and clothing to their favorite stars.  Unfortunately, the software has been able to recover only 21 pictures and first names.  A small number of male portraits were found; perhaps friends or band groupies.
                     Joan                                                Barbara                                                    Cecile
                       Connie                                                Dellie                                                 Eileen            
                        Elaine                                                   Faye                                              Jeanne
                        Marilyn                                                  May                                                 Murial
                         Pat                                                     Pauline                                             Ruthie
                      Tosca                                                      Voncile                                            Richie
                    Warren                                                   Wilbur                                                       Ron

Update February, 2011


Robert Pinch  1936 - 2010

Joanne (Clancy) Songalewski  1936 - 2009

Henry Tavares  1936 - 2000

Our Thanks:  Thanks to Mary (Cook) Pigott for letting us know of Bob Pinch's passing in December.  An obituary and guestbook may still available at  Joanne Clancy passed away in Monroe, MI on May 8, 2009 and Henry Tavares passed away in Lynn on February 25, 2000.

Arthur Nelson (LEHS '51) emailed to let us know that Robert  DeMarco, a close friend and the husband of Joan (McSweeney) DeMarco of our class, passed away in October, 2010.  Obituary details may still be available at  Joan and Bob are pictured below chatting with Jack and Lona Abare at our 55th reunion. 

If the original obituary is no longer available, you may be able to find it in another newspaper using the Legacy.Com website.  For help using that site, click here.



From our Inbox Contributors


Sometimes called the "Fire Rainbow", it's the rarest of the naturally-occurring atmospheric phenomena.


Some more signs of the Apocalypse:  1) You got a pre-declined credit card in the mail.  2) Exxon-Mobil has laid off 25 Congresspersons.  3) Angelina Jolie has adopted a child from America.  4) My cousin had an exorcism but couldn't afford to pay for it, and they re-possessed her.  5) A picture is now worth only 200 words.  6) A friend became so depressed about the economy, wars, jobs, his savings, Social  Security, Medicare and retirement that he called the Suicide Hotline and got a call center in Pakistan.  When he told them he was suicidal, they got all excited and asked if he could drive a truck.
New Writings:  Not to be thought of as an additional apocalyptic sign, but another poem by Jim Wood has been added to our Classy Art page.  Click to view it.
Quotes from Christmas Letters, 2010 originally listed here are now at our new Comments, Etc. page.
Older Than Dirt:  Speaking of physically old classmates...of our original class of almost 400, we believe 101 are deceased.  Of about 290 remaining classmates, 230 have reached the magic number of 75.  Like George Carlin's routine, the site manager was "almost 75" for all of 2010 but joined the older-than-dirt troops in January.  The cover of his Hallmark birthday card said "It's your birthday.  Be as dramatic as you want."  The inside said "I used to live each day as if it were my last, but people got tired of me screaming, 'I'm Going to Die!!  I'm Going to Die!!"

There are only 60 remaining classmates under 75.  As far as we know, Jim Smith has been 75 almost forever and remains our oldest living classmate.  The official date for the entire class to be older than dirt will take place on Ed Mears birthday, February 15, 2012.


Another Boston Globe comic favorite of the site manager.  This strip is reproduced with the author's permission.  I wrote to tell him we were a group just turning 75 and thought my classmates would enjoy the references in this strip.  He wrote back to say "Go ahead--use my 12/9/10 strip--no charge!-- Bill Griffith (age 66)."  You can find Zippy on the web by clicking
Down Memory Lane pictures formerly in this update have been moved to their own separate page.  You can check it out at Down Memory Lane.

Helpful Signs for Seniors



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