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Reunion Committee History


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Judging by their history, you may have felt that the first reunion committee meeting took place backstage after our graduation ceremony or at the Red and Gray the next day.  But it wasn't until 1963 that Elaine (McGrath) Brothers picked up a phone, called 176 of her friends and said "Why don't we have our own party?"

That party took place on May 18, 1963 at the Oxford Club after the traditional Alumni Association Banquet at LEHS.  Nat Green's band provided the music and the cost was a whole 50 cents per person.  The banquet cost was $5.75  which included a $2.00 donation to their scholarship fund.

Joan Cornwell and Jack Abare were the co-chairs and the various committees were headed by Nancy (Douglas) Cox, Elaine (McGrath) Brothers, Rita (Clark) Muchmore, Mona (Tedesco) Gard and Joan (Conway) Raney.  Additional workers included:  Charlie Donnelly, Dexter Brothers, Mary (Zipper) Hinman, Sybil (Harrison) Green and Mary (Cook) McAvenia.  Other members of the committee but not in the picture include June (Scotty) DeRoin and Delly (Levesque) Starratt.


Some other identifications have come in to the web site.  Top row center is Clark Morrison.  To his left (your other left) is Jim Leonard and Dwight Brothers.  At the end is Priscilla (Colby) Hanson.


Donated by our quiet, retiring, shy classmate Art Caldwell


Large Reunion Group Pictures:  click on individual pictures below to enlarge.  Some systems may allow you a second click to further enlarge the picture.   Note: Your toolbar at the top of the screen may also have a Page/Zoom button that can be used to enlarge these pictures..





Our 55th Reunion


Our 55th Reunion by the numbers thanks to Art Caldwell

    1. Jack Abare
  2. Charlie Donnelly
  3. Fran Page
  4. Larry Buchanan
  5. Herb Slate
  6. Ron Natalie
  7. Bill Croteau
  8. Louis Mangifesti
  9. Arnold Salvucci
10. Bill O'Day
11. Gary Getchell
12. Paul Belliveau
13. Don Hudson
14. Clayton Curtis
15. Robert Whitney
16. Dick Gannon
17. Ed Cummiskey
18. Art Caldwell
19. Wanda (Bartlett) Cummings
20. Janice (Wyman) Hall
21. Arlene (Brunette) Wallace
22. Janet (Armstrong) Ralph
23. Ann (Thorner) Cox
24. Mary (Cook) Pigott
25. Judith Murphy
26. Joanne (Pettigrew) Anderson
27. Carol (Murphy) Lueders
28. Edithann (Kelly) Sutton
29. Virginia (Hurd) Campbell
30. Angie (Kuchulis) Gianopulos
31. Joan (McRobbie) Cordero
32. Alice O'Brien
33. Doris (Murphy) Decker
34. Karl Mascott
35. Carl Goodwin
36. Barbara (McKenna) Price
37. Joan (McSweeney) DeMarco
38. Dotty (Hanson) Doucette
39. Janet (Thompson) VanAmburg
40. Jackie (Baklini) Casey
41. Delly (Levesque) Starratt
42. May (Porter) Porter
43. Pat (Donnelly) Fabucci
44. Eileen (Reid) Morris
45. Carol (Kenneally) Gardner
46. Margaret (Ventura) De Les Dernier
47. Eleanor (Vegnani) Cornell
48. Shirley (Carpenter) Isenhardt
49. Shirley (Collins) Starion
50. Mary Lou (Sullivan) Bolduc
51. Patty (Mellyn) Mancinelli
52. Paul English
53. Huntley Smith
54. Rick Donovan
55. Bob Rhodes
56. June (Scotty) DeRoin
57. Jerry Ishkanian
58. Mike Ciarletta
59. Jacob Liberles
60. Joe Wescott
61. Walter Pohle
62. Jim Leonard

Large Group Class Pictures: Left-click to open; some computers may allow more left clicks to increase the size of these pictures.


Grade 12 Class Picture


Eastern Grade 9 Class Picture


Pickering Grade 9 Class Picture


Washington, D. C. Trip


D. C. Trip Candids


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Miscellaneous Reunion Committee Pictures



    Reunion committee members enjoying the area near Jack Abare's Vermont estate before being chased off by a deranged property owner with a shotgun.


The best medicine:  a good belly laugh.






For several years, Jack Abare ran a summer cruise on the Merrimack for employees and often invited committee members and spouses as well.



Fred Astaire makes some technical corrections in Betty Page's dance routine that she made famous in the Boston Combat Zone many years ago.  Fred actually wore taps in his sneakers but unfortunately slipped off the gangplank while leaving the boat and ended up baptized by a local minister.




Recent Finds:  Cookout time at Jack Abare's home







Christmas at various locations













Renewly-wed Jerry Starion says "when you've got it, flaunt it!"  We always assume he means his wife Shirley.  Several reunion committee members had the pleasure of participating in the renewal of vows with a beautiful ceremony at St. Pius in Lynn and a lot of good food and good company at the Knights of Columbus.


From 1998, our 45th reunion committee







While wife Tootie (Pettigrew) Anderson parties with the girls, husband Bob looks as though he needs a nap after setting up the hall for the 30th reunion.


The King and his Court:  Jack Abare and his girls have their picture taken for a newspaper publicity release about our 50th reunion.



Art Caldwell, Colorado Chapter President, at Tenerife in the Canary Islands and a long, long way from home and his first job at the Paramount.


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