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Office:  197 Loring Avenue, Salem, MA 01970

Hello and welcome to our site.  The LEHS Leaky Lunch Club sponsors it and the hope is that it will be similar to our lunch bags:  usually reliable, reasonably useful but a little more durable.  Surviving members are Bill Croteau and Rick Donovan; other original members were Bob Howard, Dave Hicks and Louie Mangifesti.

Pictures and some videos from our reunions are now available by clicking on the links in the column on the left.  Updates to our site are announced by email.  If you have an email address and are not receiving our updates, please write to us at  Email and postal addresses are confidential and will not appear on any public site (at least not on purpose.) 

The 60th reunion was our last formal evening banquet style reunion after classmates expressed an interest in not waiting another five years for the next reunion.  The first few mini-reunions were at the function hall on Winter Island in Salem, MA.  Our latest minis have been at the Danversport Yacht Club.

Our long-term goal is to be a resource to classmates by maintaining this web site and a database of classmate contact information including their email addresses.  The website manager will normally call or email a classmate before releasing any of her or his information. 

The site was built for Lynn English's 1953 graduating class as well as friends from other classes who often attend our reunions.  A website was later added for English's 1954 graduating class.  You can visit their site by clicking the LEHS 1954 Reunions link in blue blue column on the left.  In addition to their reunions, pictures are available from the many side trips this apparently wealthy class has taken over the years since graduation.  Click here to jump to the side trips portion of their webpage.

All the pages in our current site are listed on the left.  Clicking on any of these titles will take you directly to that page.  When you visit the site in the future, it will open on the recent changes page so you will know if anything has been added since your last visit (assuming you remember your last visit).

Our Contacting Classmates page lists classmates who are on Facebook and also those with active email addresses.  If you visit this page, please take a moment to look at our past active classmates with missing or invalid information.  Any help you can give us would be greatly appreciated. 

Our class maintains as current a database as possible to help classmates who would like to reconnect with past friends.  Information is not shared without your permission.

A check of our Memorial Page would also be appreciated.  Despite his best efforts, the site manager had a "Mark Twain" moment not too long ago by reporting in advance the passing of Helen (Ready) Walsh.  The manager had a standing offer to buy her a drink at the next reunion. When we finally met, Helen not only did  not hit me with anything, she graciously declined the drink offer and let me sit at her table.  She didn't talk to me but what the heck, you can't have everything. 

 For your protection, only classmate names appear on this site. Our database information will not appear on any public site (at least not on purpose).  It is for the private use of classmates and of course, the Committee when it wants to bug you about something.  Information in the database is voluntary.  If you would prefer not have your name appear on this site or your contact information distributed to other classmates, let us know through our website's email address at

Pictures stay on our website at the forbearance of classmates.  If you would prefer not to be shown in pictures in general or if you would prefer to have a specific picture removed, please let me know at

Future Activities?  We're open to suggestions.  We would love to hear from you anytime even if it's just to tell us that you survived the latest hurricane or forest fire or to brag about your tenth great-grandchild.  

Pictures are always welcome.  The next time you find some good ones in the attic, get you grandkid to scan and email them to us at the address shown above.    Memorabilia is always welcome.  If you don't have a scanner, send your stuff to Rick Donovan at the office address at the top of this page.  The website will be happy to reimburse you for the mailing costs when your material is returned.

Blunders:  All mistakes are the site manager's responsibility since there is no other staff member to blame.  If you spot any mistakes or the site is not displaying properly on your computer, please notify him at


Humpty Dumpty's was one of several popular snack bars and restaurants sacrificed during the construction of the Lynnway in 1954.  It was on Broad St. between Blossom and Pleasant.


From Art Caldwell's historical CD of on Lynn History to see more of them


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