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Many thanks to June (Scotty) DeRoin and Huntley Smith for the loan of their yearbooks at various times to scan pages missing from my yearbook and to rescan other pages with a newer scanner.

Our current yearbook webpage includes the pictures between pages 1 to 24 and our individual pictures and bios on pages 47 to 78.  Click here to jump to page 47.  Click here to check out the collection of baby pictures available. 

A number of the pictures between page 25 and 47 appear in other places on our website so adding those pictures to this webpage is one of those tasks that keeps getting pushed to the bottom of  the web manager's To Do list.  If there is a specific missing page that you would like to see, write to Rick Donovan at salem197a@gmail.com


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Keys to Lee Cliff's What's My Name


1 - Clayton Simons, 2 - Nancy Stickel, 3 - Terry Thibodeau, 4 - Dexter Brothers, 5 - Manny Frangos,
6 - Dick Dussault, 7 - Jeanne Potischman, 8 - Jerry Ishkanian, 9 - Margaret Ventura,
10 - Sandra LaCrosse, 11 - Tony Mangifesti, 12 - Dwight Brothers, 13 - Ron Natalie,
14 - Barbara McKenna, 15 - Corrine Doyle, 16 - Jean Baker, 17 - Jacob Liberles, 18 - Bob Rhodes,
19 - Patty Mellyn,  20 - Marilyn Monteith, 21 - Dick Murphy, 22 - Cecile Meara, 23 - Carol Kenneally,
24 - Bob Barrasso, 25 - Muriel Baltimore, 26 - Nancy Whitmore, 27 - Arty Boland,
28 - Jeanne Anderson, 29 - Elaine Adrien, 30 - John McGloin, 31 - Arlene Brunette,
32 - Tom Cashman, 33 - Joan Archer and 24 - Dick Parent


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Page 47:  Jack Abare to Joan Archer

Page 48:  Ken Arey to Bob Barrasso

Page 49:  Wanda Bartlett to Ted Bradbury
Page 50:  Pat Brady to Paul Caira

Page 51:  Art Caldwell to Mike Ciarletta

Page 52:  Joanne Clancy to Jerry Colpitts

Page 53:  Barry Connors to Clayton Curtis


Page 54:  Bill Cushing to Joe Doherty

Page 55:  Charlie Donnelly to Dick Durland

Page 56:  Eleanor Dushuttle to James Flagg

Page 57:  Eleanor Florence to Phil Germano

Page 58:  Gary Getchell to Carol Grant

Page 59:  Ann Gray to Ron Hanson 

Page 60:  Wendell Hardy to Don Hudson

Page 61:  Sallie Hudson to Faye Jamieson

Page 62:  Art Johnson to Phyllis Kramer

Page 63:  Charlie Krohn to Carol Lund

Page 64:  Eileen McCarthy to Barbara McKenna

Page 65:  John McKellop to Bill Mailloux

Page 66:  Bob Mallock to Pat Mellyn

Page 67:  Lois Milburn to Janet Nelson
Page 68:  Shirley Nelson to Dale Oulton

Page 69:  Arline Owram to Carol Pitcher

Page 70:  Walt Pohle to Barbara Raymond

Page 71:  Helen Ready to Gail Sanborn
Page 72:  Lenny Sanford to Ed Shapiro

Page 73:  Geraldine Sherber to Margie Smith

Page 74:  Pat Smith to Ed Swansburg

Page 75:  Sidney Swartz to Ralph Thorpe

Page 76:  Jim Tidmarsh to Joe Wescott

Page 77:  Nancy Westhaver to Alberta Woodman

Page 78:  Owen Wykes to Mary Zipper


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